Picture 21A-4.5.

The New Orleans & Carrollton RR issued these tickets about the time they began to electrify their lines, in 1893.  The company name, however, was never officially changed to include the word “Electric”.  This ticket was probably also from a booklet; note the inscription “ONE FARE — WORTHLESS IF DETACHED”.  The reverse bears only the facsimile signature J. Hernandez President.  The woodcut on the obverse appears to be a fantasy; no such electric car ever ran on the NO&C.  One surmises that the artist who created this woodcut had never seen an electric streetcar, and had no idea of its controls.  If so, perhaps he did not do so badly.  The author is in possession of a pane of 10 of these tickets, 2 across and 5 down, perforated between.  The top, right, and bottom edges of the pane are straight; the left edge is perforated. — Collection of Louis Hennick

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