Pictures 21A-6 through 21A-8.

Here are tickets issued in a booklet by New Orleans Railway & Light Co. for travel to Spanish Fort (see Group 3).  Shown are the front and back covers of the booklet, and a typical page of tickets from inside.  (The reverse of the tickets is blank.)  The cover bears a handwritten date 6/16/11, which would be during the first season that Spanish Fort was open by NOR&L.  Curiously, the inscription on the tickets says that they are good "on the West End train".  They were apparently supposed to be taken up by the conductor in order, since the cover proclaims “Coupons good only when detached by conductor”.  They are attached to the booklet at their left edge, so that the fact that they are printed in the order 1-2-4-3 apparently caused no harm.  Coupon 1 is marked “City to Half-WayHouse”; number 2 is “Half-WayHouse to Spanish Fort”; 3 is “Spanish Fort to Half-WayHouse” (for the return trip); and number 4 is “Half-WayHouse to City”.  (Half Way House was located at City Park Ave./Metairie Road and Julia St.)  Each ticket is also marked “Good only for free transportation”; it is not known whether this was for a promotion, perhaps to encourage travel to Spanish Fort, or whether some fee was required for the “free” transportation.

The back cover details some of the rules for use of these tickets: “Caution.  This ticket is issued with the express condition that no Coupons will be taken from it to pay the fare for any one except the person to whom it is issued.  The cover must be returned to the office of the Company before another book will be issued in its place.  This book must be taken up by the Conductor and returned to the office, if used or offered for any other person than the one whose name is written herein.”

The tickets are considerably enlarged in size; the booklet covers are only slightly larger than actual size.




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