Pictures 21B-2 and 21B-3.

New Orleans Public Service Inc. issued these two similar tokens years apart.  The upper picture shows the token issued in 1947.  It was commonly used by conductors stationed on the street at busy rush hour streetcar and bus stops.  In those days, streetcar conductors and bus drivers made change, which of course slowed boarding.  So the street conductors passed among the people in the crowd, selling these tokens and making change, thus speeding up the boarding when the streetcar or bus arrived.  The second picture shows the token issued in 1970.  It differs only in the reverse inscription, saying “One Base Fare” instead of “One Cash Fare”. At this time, some NOPSI routes (e.g., express routes) had premium fares.  Both of these tokens are also 16 mm in diameter, and were struck in WM.  Atwood-Coffee catalog numbers LA 670 Bb and LA 670 H.

Token-LA-670-Bb-ob.jpg   Token-LA-670-Bb-rv.jpg

Token-LA-670-H-ob.jpg   Token-LA-670-H-rv.jpg

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