Pictures 21B-5 and 21B-6.

RTA issued the upper brass token in 1985.  The inscription on the reverse says, “Oldest continuously operating streetcar / in / New Orleans / since 1835”.  Someone seems to have decided that this didn't quite say what it was intended to say.  A subsequent issue, shown in the lower picture, has the inscription, “Oldest continuously operating streetcar in the world / since 1835 / New Orleans / St. Charles Streetcar”.  These tokens are 16 mm in diameter.  The earlier token (upper picture) is Atwood-Coffee catalog number LA 670 N; the later issue (lower picture) is LA 670 O.  Notice how the lettering around the edge of the token had to be made a smaller size for the second token.

Token-LA-670-N-ob.jpg   Token-LA-670-N-rv.jpg

Token-LA-670-O-ob.jpg   Token-LA-670-O-rv.jpg

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