Picture 21C-1.8.

And still another form of NO&C transfer, probably later than the forms shown above.  This transfer was “Received and given only at Napoleon and St. Charles or Jackson and St. Charles”, apparently by a “Dispatcher” stationed there (rather than the conductor on the car).  The dispatcher had to punch the month and day; the direction of travel (up or down) and the line to which the passenger wanted to change; and the time issued, to the nearest quarter-hour.  The top row of time numbers was for the even hours, and the next rows down were for 15, 30, and 45 minutes past the hour, using the white squares for a.m. and the black ones for p.m.  This transfer has five punches, but not in the right places; apparently, it was punched in an invalid pattern to cancel it.  Unfortunately for us, one of the punches landed on the fourth destination, something-Nap — maybe W[est of] Napoleon?  The purpose of this option is not obvious. — Collection of the author



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