Picture 21C-3.

Here is a transfer of the New Orleans Railway & Light Co. Prytania Line, probably from about 1905.  For some reason, the list of lines does not include the St. Charles and Tulane Belt Lines.  Since the Prytania Line runs parallel to St. Charles Ave., only a few blocks away, perhaps transfers from Prytania to the Belt Lines was not allowed.  Note the line listed as “N. O. & Pont.”, or New Orleans & Pontchartrain, which was the corporate name of the subsidiary company that built the Napoleon Ave. “Royal Blue” line.  This line began operation January 1, 1903.  The route name Napoleon Ave. at this time indicated the old N. O. & C. branch line running from the river only to St. Charles Ave., and thence to Canal Street.  The two lines were combined in 1906.  This transfer is punched for Aug. 3, valid until 2:15 p.m., for transfer from Prytania to Esplanade Belt.  The year, unfortunately, is not indicated, but the use of the name “N. O. & Pont.” suggests a date prior to the merger of the two Napoleon Ave. lines.  N. O. Railway & Light Co. began operations in 1905, so this transfer would seem to date from 1905 or 1906.

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