Picture 21C-15.

This NOPSI transfer was used on the pioneer Broadway trolley coach line.  The transfer listed each possible transfer point, i.e., each point where the Broadway line intersected another line: from north to south, the S. Claiborne, Freret, St. Charles-Tulane Belts, and Magazine streetcar lines.  Note how streetcar terminology was used on the transfer, even though it did not literally apply: there is reference on the reverse to the “conductor”, and on both sides to the “car” (meaning streetcar, not automobile).  There was never a streetcar line named Broadway.  And New Orleans trolley coaches never had two-man crews, although the city insisted on two-man streetcar crews, which was one of the incentives in the 1940s and 50s for NOPSI to convert from rail to rubber-tired vehicles.



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