Picture 21C-17.

This is an early version of the type of transfer NOPSI used for many years.  With the multiple coupons, one could transfer several times on the same ticket.  Each conductor or bus operator would take up one coupon.  Each coupon listed the routes on which it was valid (or sometimes the ones on which it was not valid).  Someone had to have worked out all the different combinations a person could have reasonably used for a journey anywhere in the city, always on the assumption of one continuous trip and no return to the point of origin.  This transfer was from the St. Claude streetcar line.  Some previous owner has written the date Nov. 1934 on it; the only date that was printed was the day of the month (5).

Transfer-StClaude-1934-ob.jpg   Transfer-StClaude-1934-rv.jpg

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