Pictures 21C-26 through 21C-33.

Here is a sampling of transfers for a variety of streetcar lines, from the 1930s, 40s, and 50s.  During the 30s and 40s, the full date, including the year, was printed on each transfer, but some time in the 50s, the year was dropped.  The samples which list numbered routes come from the late 1950s or later, as the first numbered routes (express bus routes, such as Bridge 60 and Express 70) came into use in 1958.  Incidentally, bus lines used the same type of transfers as streetcar lines.  The reason St. Claude and S. Claiborne transfers were printed “St. Claude Car” and “S. Claiborne Car” was to distinguish them from the feeder bus lines having those same names.

Transfer-Freret-01-ob.jpg   Transfer-Freret-01-rv.jpg

Transfer-Gentilly-01-ob.jpg   Transfer-Gentilly-01-rv.jpg

Transfer-Jackson-03-ob.jpg   Transfer-Jackson-03-rv.jpg

Transfer-Magazine-01-ob.jpg   Transfer-Magazine-01-rv.jpg

Transfer-Napoleon-01-ob.jpg   Transfer-Napoleon-01-rv.jpg

Transfer-StCharles-01-ob.jpg   Transfer-StCharles-01-rv.jpg

Transfer-StClaude-01-ob.jpg   Transfer-StClaude-01-rv.jpg

Transfer-SClaiborne-01-ob.jpg   Transfer-SClaiborne-01-rv.jpg

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