Pictures 21C-39, 21C-40, and 21C-40.5.

These three transfers are samples of a generic form, used by NORTA as it worked to recover from the ravages of Hurricane Katrina.  The first blank one is dated October 7, 2006.  In use, the number of the route issuing the transfer was supposed to be handwritten on the form, as can be seen in the second example, dated May 23, 2007.  (Route 47 is the current designation for the Canal-Cemeteries streetcar.)  The third example, dated January 27, 2008 and shown both front and back, is a near-complete copy of the blank form as issued to operators. Collections of Earl Hampton and of the author

Transfer-RTA-Generic-01-ob.jpg   Transfer-RTA-Generic-03-ob.jpg

Transfer-RTA-Generic-04-ob.jpg   Transfer-RTA-Generic-04-rv.jpg

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