Picture 21C-41.

On December 7, 2008, RTA resumed the use of route-specific transfers.  Early in 2009, they took the form shown here.  Note the simplified list of eligible lines on each coupon, and the use of a single form for routes 42, 47, and 48.  The route number 42 was used for the Canal-Cemeteries bus, which had been running to provide wheelchair service on the Canal route, but which had been discontinued when refurbished wheelchair-capable 2000-class red streetcars resumed operation in early 2009.  Numbers 47 and 48 designate the Canal-Cemeteries and the Canal-City Park (Carrollton branch) streetcar lines, respectively.

Transfer-RTA-Canal-01-ob.jpg   Transfer-RTA-Canal-01-rv.jpg

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