Pictures 23-1 through 23-4.

These Working Cards were issued to one member of Division 194, L. J. Alford, over the period November 1917 through January 1923.  They are essentially receipts for monthly dues of $1.00 (a significant amount of money in those days).  Later, in the 1930s and 40s, many locals of this union issued pin-on buttons for this purpose, of the type that were used in presidential election campaigns, with a slightly different design every month.  However, the New Orleans local may not have ever issued any of those; if such buttons exist, the author has never seen one.  Note the facsimile signature of international president W[illiam] D. Mahon, who was elected to this office in the union's second convention in 1893, and served to 1946.  We also see the stamped name of the local secretary, Gus. J. Bienvenu.  Note the updated streetcar in the center of the seal, from the 1917 card to the 1921 version.





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