Picture 6-0.5.
Another page from the prospectus shows portraits of the members of the Board of Directors, about 1911.  President George M. Bennett is seen in the large central picture.  Vice President, and future President, Dr. Charles L. Van Doren, is at lower left.  Most of the directors are from Urbana, including more than a few prominent members of the community, but none are from Champaign.  Left to right, bottom row, after Dr. Van Doren, we see Cyrus N. Clark, owner of an Urbana granite works; Urbana attorney Henry I. Green; the mayor of Onarga, company Vice President Ira F. Palmer, with full beard; then top row, left to right, Urbana banker Mathew W. Busey; William Saffel, another Urbana banker; the one Chicagoan, grain dealer Robert F. Cummings; and one Kankakee citizen, retired merchant John Eden.

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