Pictures 6-19.3 and 6-19.6.
The K&UT also ran past the Methodist-Episcopal church in Rantoul.  The upper view is postmarked 1918, and shows the remains of the church after a disastrous fire.  The lower picture, postmarked 1924, appears to be the rebuilt church.  The large tree at the far right appears to have survived the fire.  In both pictures, we can see a crossarms railroad crossing sign at the far right, saying "Railroad Crossing" and "Look Out For The Cars".  We can also make out a double trolley wire over the interurban track.  This is the only evidence known that suggests that any part (maybe all?) of the K&UT had a double trolley wire.  Such a design would have simplified signalling, but there is also no evidence that the K&UT was signalized.

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