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JB.jpg JB-2.jpg 1a. Joseph (Yossef) Bernard FRIEDMAN (FRIEDMANN), b. 1/21/1841 in Courland (Kurland, part of present day Latvia; also reported variously as Poland, Russia, and Germany), son of H. FRIEDMANN and Mary FRIEDMANN; migrated to New York; fought for the North in the Civil War; mustered out somewhere in the south; was living in Holly Springs, Marshall County, in northern Mississippi at the 1870 census; settled in Boutte, LA in 1871 and kept a retail store; served in St. Charles Parish at various times as president of the police jury (the governing body of the parish), justice of the peace, coroner, and postmaster; murdered in Boutte 6/11/1888; bur. in Gates of Prayer Canal St. cemetery in New Orleans; m. (1) 3/13/1870 in St. Louis, MO Tillie (Toveh) PEISER (PYSER), b. 7/25/1853 in New York, d. 10/25/1878, possibly in childbirth (there seems to be an infant sharing her grave in Gates of Prayer Canal St. cemetery in New Orleans; see the tombstone inscription); daughter of Eliezer PEISER.  They settled at first in Holly Springs, but moved to Boutte by 1871.

     0.   Infant FRIEDMAN, b. c. 4/20/1871, d. 4/30/1871 age 10 days in St. Charles Parish, LA.

Miriam.jpg Nathan.jpg      1.   Miriam FRIEDMAN, b. 7/13/1872 in New Orleans, LA, d. 8/29/1893 age 21 in New Orleans, bur. in Gates of Prayer Canal St. cemetery in New Orleans; m. 9/19/1888 in New Orleans Nathan FRIEDLANDER, b. 1/5/1856 in New Orleans, d. 8/29/1893 in New Orleans, bur. in Hebrew Rest Cemetery in New Orleans, son of Samuel J. FRIEDLANDER, b. c. 1812 in Wurtemburg, Germany, d. 3/25/1886 age 74, and Lena LEVY, b. c. 1819 in Oberndorf, Germany, d. 9/28/1881 age 62.  On 8/29/1893, Nathan shot his son (who recovered), shot and killed his wife, and shot and killed himself.

     .    1.   Samuel Joseph FRIEDLANDER, b. 6/1/1890 in Texas, d. 10/9/1922 in Covington, LA; m. 6/16/1918 Edna Mae de la HOUSSAYE, b. c. 1890 in LA.

     2.   Ettie (Etta, Esther) FRIEDMAN, b. 7/13/1875 in New Orleans, d. 8/1968 in New Orleans; m. 3/19/1894 in New Orleans John Edward COTTON, b. c. 1870, d. 10/30/1935 age 65, s/o John Edward COTTON and Josephine(?) Ger___; no children; lived in Covington, LA.

     3a. William L. "Willie" FRIEDMAN, b. 1/22/1876 in New Orleans or Boutte, d. 10/11/1940 in Houston, TX; m. (1) 9/5/1899 in St. Bernard Parish, LA Lucille BARTHE, b. 9/1879 in LA, d. 1/13/1904 in New Orleans (both of her parents were b. in France).

     3b. William "Willie" FRIEDMAN; m. (2) c. 1907 Amelia C. KLING, b. 10/16/1877 in Thibodaux, LA, d. 12/4/1967 in Houston, TX.

     4.   Eva FRIEDMAN, b. 11/7/1877 in New Orleans, d. 3/19/1956 in Los Angeles, CA; m. 12/30/1896 in St. Tammany Parish Peter J. "Pete" DARDIS, Sr., d. 12/17/1919.

BERTHA.jpg 1890-09-29-Bertha_Reichenberg_Friedman.jpg 1b.  Joseph Bernard FRIEDMAN m. (2) 10/17/1880 in New Orleans, LA Bertha REICHENBERG (ROTHENBERG, REICHBERG, ROSCHENBERG), b. 7/7/1860 in Frankfort am Main, Germany, d. 5/1/1908 in Boutte, LA, bur. in Gates of Prayer Canal St. cemetery in New Orleans (see Reichenberg 1.9).

ROSIE.jpg Rosa_Friedman-2.jpg Rosa_Friedman-1.jpg      1a. Rosa "Rosie" FRIEDMAN, b. 8/7/1881, d. 8/20/1945 in New Orleans; m. (1) 1/25/1899 in New Orleans Winfield Harold Scott TINNEY, b. 2/8/1868, d. 5/24/1909, before birth of son Bill (s/o Edward Benton TINNEY, b. 2/12/1813 in Springfield, KY, d. 4/20/1903 in Paradis, St. Charles Parish, LA, m. 12/23/1860 Laura Marie BEELMAN (BULMAN), b. 4/15/1838 in NY, d. 9/12/1887 in St. Charles Parish, LA).

     1b. Rosa FRIEDMAN; m. (2) 6/6/1914 in New Orleans Charles Ernest "Alex" ALEXANDER, b. 2/14/1978 in Reserve, LA, d. 1/31/1958, his 2nd m.; no children.  C. E. Alexander had 4 sons by his first wife, Anna PITRE.

     2.   Leah FRIEDMAN, b. 11/1883, d. 1/13/1945; m. between 1910 and 1914 Alcibiade(s) "Jeff" deBLANC, b. 1883, d. 4/13/1951.

Eleda_Landry_Friedman.jpg MOMDAD1.jpg Harry_Friedman_age35.jpg      3.   Harry FRIEDMAN "Dad", b. 1/7/1885 in Boutte, LA, d. 10/26/1952 in Houston, TX; m. 10/27/1906 Mary Eleda LANDRY "Mom" (see Landry 1b.1.3a.4.4.6b.4b.5.2.1).

Tillie_Friedman_McCulloch.jpg      4a. Tillie FRIEDMAN, b. 9/26/1887 in Boutte, LA, d. 1/17/1971 in Houston, TX; m. (1) 11/14/1906 in New Orleans, LA Thomas Staples Taylor McCULLOCH, b. 6/1/1884 in Cooks Town, Tyrone County, Ireland (Orange, but now in Eire), arrived in USA in New York from Londonderry, Ireland 6/12/1904 aboard ship Anchoria, d. 12/6/1916 in Covington, LA, son of Hugh McCULLOCH, b. 1852, and Harriet Margaret CUTHBERT, b. 1863 (Thomas had about 9 siblings); 2 sons.

     4b. Tillie FRIEDMAN; m. (2) 11/15/1945 in Houston, TX Ed WEINBERG (his 2nd m.); no children.

2.   Marcus FRIEDMAN; m. Liabe LIBERTHAL.

     1.   William Bernard FRIEDMAN, b. 2/4/1866 in Kurland (Courland), migrated to USA in 1885, d. 8/7/1927 in Montgomery, AL; m. 1898 Etta (Ettie, Ethel) LIPSON, b. 3/10/1876 in California, d. 6/9/1958 in Atlanta, GA.

     2.   ______ FRIEDMAN (F); m. ______ JACKSON.

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