In the record of Bertha's marriage to J. B. Friedman, her surname is spelled REICHBERG.  In the record of her m. to H. G. Marrs, it is spelled RICHENBERG.  Her tombstone says RICHENBERG.  I have adopted the spelling REICHENBERG for this work, as it is the spelling I find other researchers are using, both in the USA and in Germany.

Much of the following was compiled by Lila Jane Miller in the USA and Gabriele Hannah in Germany, with additions by me.  Much information on the branches of the family who remain in Germany has been contributed by Barry List.  Their efforts are acknowledged and their willingness to share is greatly appreciated.

Information cannot be copyrighted.  A particular collection of information in a particular format can be.  This collection is copyright © 2001, 2014 by H. George Friedman, Jr., Lila Jane Miller, Gabriele Hannah, and Barry List.


1.   Solomon (Salaman) REICHENBERG, b. 2/10/1813 in Marköbel, Germany, possibly of French descent, d. 2/10/1885 in Marköbel; m. est. 1842 Amelia (Amalie) REIS (RICE) or WEIS, b. in Marköbel, d. in Marköbel.  They never migrated to the USA.  All of their children migrated, one or two at a time, except Emanuel, Jonas, Yosel Löb, Hannah (who died young), and Rebecca.

          It seems highly likely that only one of the two Amalie REICHENBERGs listed below was dau. of Solomon REICHENBERG and Amalie REIS, but both are believed to be related to Rachel Reichenberg Kamien (#7 below) and Sophie Reichenberg Seelbinder (#11 below).  Since the two Amalie Reichenbergs were b. in the same town, but about 16 years apart, one might conjecture that one, perhaps the older, was a cousin rather than a sister to the other Reichenbergs listed here.

     0.   Amalie (Malche, Martha) REICHENBERG, b. c. 1827 in Marköbel, Germany, d. 12/3/1887 in New Orleans; m. Max (Marx, Marks) KAUFMAN, b. c. 1820 in Prussia, d. before 1887.

     .    1.   David KAUFMAN, b. c. 1849.

     .    2.   Julius KAUFMAN, b. 9/20/1854 in New Orleans.

     .    3.   Emanuel KAUFMAN, b. 8/22/1856 in New Orleans, d. 10/22/1915 in New Orleans.

     .    4.   Solomon KAUFMAN, b. 10/3/1858 in New Orleans (probably twin to Samuel, or possibly same person as Samuel).

     .    5.   Samuel KAUFMAN, b. c. 1858 (probably twin to Solomon, or possibly same person), d. 6/8/1882 in New Orleans.

     .    6.   Joseph KAUFMAN, b. 9/27/1860 in New Orleans, d. 9/28/1866.

     .    7.   Gerson KAUFMAN, b. 10/22/1862 in New Orleans (twin to Matilda), d. 5/11/1864 in New Orleans.

     .    8.   Matilda (Tillie) KAUFMAN, b. 10/22/1862 in New Orleans (twin to Gerson), d. 8/27/1942; m. 1/11/1882 in New Orleans Judah SEIDENBACH, b. c. 1850 in Ohio, d. before 1892.  They had a home in 1892 at 471 St. Charles Ave. in New Orleans.  By 1906, she was living at 6020 St. Charles Ave.  2 children.

     1.   Amalie (Anna?) REICHENBERG, b. c. 1843 in Marköbel, Germany.  She migrated 6/1/1867 from Bremen, Germany via Le Havre, France on ship Cimbria, ar. 6/13/1867 in New York.  She seems to be the Amelia REICHENBERG who m. 1/12/1873 in New Orleans Samson STARK, b. c. 1832 in Germany, d. 5/29/1898 in New Orleans.

     .    1.   Jennie STARK, b. 12/3/1873 in New Orleans, d. 2/3/1945 in New Orleans; m. 8/4/1898 in New Orleans Julius LOEB, b. 3/24/1871, d. 6/17/1956; 6 children.

     .    2.   William (Wolf) STARK, b. 3/5/1875 in New Orleans.

     .    3.   Amelia STARK, b. 9/22/1876 in New Orleans.  In 1900, she was single, living with her sister and brother-in-law Jennie and Julius LOEB in New Orleans.  She m. 11/6/1912 Samuel SEELMAN, b. c. 1863 in Hungary, d. before 1956; he was a streetcar conductor for NOPSI.

     .    4.   Bertha STARK, b. 2/3/1879 in New Orleans.

     .    5.   Julius STARK, b. 11/10/1880 in New Orleans.

     2a. Emanuel (Menachem) REICHENBERG, b. est. 1845, d. before 1930.  He may have been married twice, both times to women named Bertha; or, the two Berthas might have been the same person.  He m. (1) Bertha NAUSAUER, b. in Germany, d. before 1886 in Germany.

     .    1.   Leopold REICHENBERG, d. c. 1900 in Vienna, Austria.

     .    2.   Max (Moishe) REICHENBERG, d. c. 1941.

     2b. Emanuel (Menachem) REICHENBERG, m. (2) Bertha ROBACHEK, d. before 1930 in Germany.

     .    1.   Saloman (Shlomo) REICHENBERG, b. 1/20/1886 in Marköbel, Germany, d. 4/13/1977 in Jackson Heights, NY; m. 8/27/1911 in Windecken, Germany Matilde (Maidel) STERN (dau. of Moses Jakob (Moshe) STERN and Therese NEUHOF), b. 6/24/1882 in Windecken, Germany, d. 1964 in Jackson Heights, NY.

     .    2.   Tzili REICHENBERG (F), b. c. 1902 in Germany, d. 1972 in Frankfurt.

     3.   Julius (Juda) REICHENBERG, b. c. 1848 in Marköbel, d. 9/28/1867 in New Orleans, LA of yellow fever.  He left Hamburg, Germany 10/24/1866 on ship Saxonia for New York.  We do not know how or when he moved from New York to New Orleans.  It is not proven that he was a child of Solomon Reichenberg and Amalie Reis, nor that the Juda who emigrated to New York and the Julius who d. of yellow fever in New Orleans were the same person.

     4.   Yosel Löb (Loeb) REICHENBERG, b. 1850 in Marköbel, Germany; m. before 1875 in Germany Bertha LÖWENSTEIN.

     .    1.   Julius REICHENBERG, b. 11/29/1875 in Ostheim, Germany, d. c. 1939 in Lodz ghetto; m. est. 1905 in Frankfurt am Main, Germany Johanna HIRSCHMANN, b. 9/6/1881 in Grosskrotzenburg, Germany, d. c. 1939 in Lodz ghetto; four daughters.

     .    2.   Kadinge REICHENBERG, b. 4/16/1877 in Ostheim, Germany, d. 1950 in the United States; m. Raphael GRIEF, b. 10/15/1872 in Langenschwarz, Kreis Hünfeld, Germany.

     .    3.   Salomon REICHENBERG, b. 1/4/1882 in Ostheim, Germany, d. 1942 in Theresienstadt, Germany; m. 1909 in Ostheim, Germany Hilda LÖWENSTEIN (LOEWENSTEIN), b. 6/12/1885 in Netra, Germany, d. 1943 in Auschwitz, Poland.

     .    4.   Josef REICHENBERG, b. 7/10/1883 in Ostheim, Germany, d. 6/5/1918 in Hanau; m. 1/1913 in Ostheim or Gross-Umstadt, Germany Bertha RAPP, b. 20 Oct 1888 in Gross-Umstadt.

     5.   Jonas REICHENBERG, b. 12/4/1853 in Marköbel, Germany, lived in Eich, d. 2/24/1929, bur. in Osthoven Jewish cemetery; m. Mathilde SCHOTT, b. 6/1/1850, d. 5/15/1906; never migrated to USA.

     .    1.   Jakob REICHENBERG, b. 2/12/1878 in Eich, Germany, d. 12/18/1923 in Eich, bur. in Osthoven Jewish cemetery; m. Auguste GOLDSCHMIDT, b. 9/27/1880 in Altenstadt, d. 2/13/1960 in New York.  They lived in Eich; 5 daughters, 2 d. in childhood, other 3 emigrated.  Auguste left Hamburg 7/29/1936 on ship Hamburg, ar. 8/6/1936 New York.

     .    2.   Frieda REICHENBERG, b. 8/23/1881 in Eich, d. 6/9/1944 in Theresienstadt; m. Siegfried HESS (s/o Bernhrad Löb HESS and Lina STERN; bro. of Karolina's first husband); div.; lived in Hamm until 1938; forced to move to Darmstadt; 3 daughters: 2 emigrated, one d. in holocaust.

     .    3.   Karolina (Lina) REICHENBERG, b. 10/31/1882 in Eich, d. in holocaust; m. (1) Julius HESS (bro. of Frieda's husband); m. (2) Julius MARX; at least two of Karolina's children survived.

     6a. Joseph REICHENBERG, b. between 1853 and 1855, or possibly c. 1846, in Marköbel, Germany, d. 3/3/1917 in St. Louis, MO; m. (1) 1892 Augusta UNGER, b. 4/1860 in New York, d. 4/23/1903 in St. Louis.  He left Bremen, Germany 4/17/1872 via Liverpool, England on ship Helen McGregor to New York.  He may be the same person who was appointed postmaster of Luling, LA 11/15/1880.  He settled in St. Louis, MO not later than 1893, where he lived the rest of his life.  We do not know how or when he moved from New York to Louisiana.

     .    1.   Solomon (Sollie) REICHENBERG, b. 9/22/1893 in St. Louis.

     6b. Joseph REICHENBERG; m. (2) between 1900 & 1910 censuses Emma Philipson, b. c. 1876 in Missouri.

     .    1.   Leon A. REICHENBERG, b. 2/18/1906 in MO, d. 5/3/1993 in Chesterfield, MO; m. Essie ______, b. c. 1911 in MO.

     7.   Rachel (Regina) REICHENBERG, b. 1/11/1858 in Marköbel, Germany, d. 7/11/1912, bur. Greenville, MS Jewish Cemetery; migrated from Bremen, Germany with her sister Bertha (1.9 below) via S. S. Frankfurt, ar. 11/5/1877 New Orleans, LA; m. 9/2/1879 in New Orleans Leon Wolfe KAMIEN, b. 3/1853 in Russia, d. in MS; by 1880 census, they were in Durant, MS; by 1900, they were in Cleveland, MS.

     .    1.   Tillie KAMIEN, b. 6/1880 in MS, d. 11/19/1961; m. William B. MORRISON, Sr., b. c. 1872 in IN.

     .    2.   Isadore (Israel) Arthur KAMIEN, Sr., b. 11/1882 in MS; m. between 1900 & 1910 censuses Rose (Rosebud) Michaelson, b. 10/7/1887 in IL, d. 1/1972 in Cleveland, MS.

     .    3.   Rosa Beatrice KAMIEN, b. 3/1885 in MS; m. William Ealy REED, b. 2/11/1885 in MS.

     .    4.   Hannah KAMIEN, b. 3/1888 or 4/4/4886 in MS, d. 3/22/1964; m. est. 1913 Joseph GERSHON, b. 11/6/1873 in Russia, d. 5/2/1951 in Lafayette Parish, LA.  They lived in Cleveland, MS; in 1920 they were in Blytheville, AR; in 1930 they were again in Cleveland; between 1930 and 1935, they moved to Baton Rouge, LA.

     .    5.   Lillie KAMIEN, b. 12/1/1890 in MS, d. 8/2/1958; never married.  In 1930 she lived with her sister Hannah's family.  Between 1935 & 1940, she became an inmate in the Mississippi State (Insane) Hospital.

     .    6.   Solomon KAMIEN, b. 3/15/1892 in MS, d. 7/18/1957 in Ashville, NC; m. Selina BELOVITCH, b. c. 1900 in KY.  Drafted into the Army 5/10/1918, honorably discharged as a corporal 1/25/1919.  Lived in Cleveland, MS; moved to Daytona Beach, FL between 1930 & 1935.

     .    7.   Maude Hilda KAMIEN, b. 12/1896 or 12/3/1899, d. 6/21/1971; m. between 1910 & 1920" Abraham "Abe" S. MILLER, b. 2/17/1900 in Europe, d. 10/16/1992.

     8.   Raphael REICHENBERG, b. 6/21/1859 in Marköbel, Germany, d. 11/24/1943 in Bronx, NY; m. Beatrice (Babette) WEISS; they lived in Mettenheim, Germany, moved 7/14/1901 to Nordenstadt, later to Würzburg.  He sailed from Bremen 3/14/1939 with son-in-law Max Mayer via ship Europa, ar. in New York 3/20/1939; sponsor Isidore Kamien of Cleveland, MS (1.7.2 above).

     .    1.   Julius REICHENBERG, b. 1884 in Germany.

     .    2.   Solomon (Sally) REICHENBERG, b. 6/19/1886 in Hamburg or Nordenstadt, Germany, d. 12/1969 in Newark, NJ.  He emigrated to USA 10/24/1939 from Oslo, Norway via ship Stavangerfjord, ar. New York 11/3/1939.  He was naturalized 7/10/1945 at Brooklyn, NY, and changed his name to Stuart RICHMONT.

     .    3.   Rosa REICHENBERG, b. 1/10/1888 in Nordenstadt, Hesse, Germany; m. 1913 in Nordenstadt or Würzburg, Lower Franconia, Germany Max MAYER, b. 9/11/1888 in Sickershausen, Lower Franconia, Germany; a master baker; s/o Emanuel MAYER and Babette STRAUSS; 5 children.  Rosa left Würzburg, sailing from Bremen 1/27/1939 via ship Bremen, ar. New York 2/2/1939 with at least one of her daughters, sponsor Isidore Kamien.  Max sailed with his father-in-law Raphael via ship Europa, ar. in New York 3/20/1939.

     .    4.   Ludwig (Louis) REICHENBERG, b. 2/9/1889 in Nordenstadt, Germany, d. 12/1967 in Long Island City, NY; m. 3/4/1924 at Frankfort, Germany Johanna MAY, b. 9/28/1901 in Frankfort, d. 10/1969 in New York.  They sailed from Hamburg, Germany 3/25/1927 with their dau. on S. S. Albert Ballin, ar. New York 4/4/1927; sponsor Emil Seelbinder of Cleveland, MS (1.11 below).  He was a baker like his father; worked for Nathan Funk Bakery in Bronx, New York.

BERTHA.jpg 1890-09-29-Bertha_Reichenberg_Friedman.jpg      9.   Bertha REICHENBERG, b. 7/7/1860 in Frankfurt am Main, Germany, d. 5/1/1908 in Boutte, LA, bur. in Gates of Prayer Canal St. cemetery in New Orleans; migrated from Bremen, Germany with her sister Rachel (1.7 above) via S. S. Frankfurt, ar. 11/5/1877 New Orleans; m. (1) 10/17/1880 in New Orleans Joseph Bernard FRIEDMAN, his 2nd m. (see Friedman 1b); m. (2) 10/22/1896 in New Orleans Henry G. H. MARS (MARRS), b. 1/1855 in Ala.; no Mars children as of 1900 census.  J. B. Friedman had four children by his first wife, Tillie (Toveh) PEISER (PYSER): Miriam, Ettie, Willie, and Eva.  In 1900, all four of Bertha's children by J. B. Friedman were living with the Mars family, and also Winfield Tinney, already m. to Rosa Friedman.  The certificate of m. to Mars is known.  However, her obituary and tombstone do not mention the m. to Mars.  Bertha's children by J. B. Friedman:

ROSIE.jpg Rosa_Friedman-2.jpg Rosa_Friedman-1.jpg      .    1a. Rosa "Rosie" FRIEDMAN, b. 8/1881, d. 8/20/1945 in New Orleans; m. (1) 1/25/1899 in New Orleans Winfield Harold Scott TINNEY, b. 2/8/1868, d. 5/24/1909, before birth of son Bill, s/o Edward Benton TINNEY, b. 2/12/1813 in Springfield, KY, d. 4/20/1903 in Paradis, St. Charles Parish, LA, and Laura Marie BEELMAN, b. 4/15/1838 in NY, d. 9/12/1887 in St. Charles Parish, LA.

     .    1b. Rosa FRIEDMAN; m. (2) 6/6/1914 in New Orleans Charles Ernest "Alex" ALEXANDER, b. 2/14/1978 in Reserve, LA, d. 1/31/1958, his 2nd m.; no children.  C. E. Alexander had 4 sons by his first wife, Anna PITRE.

     .    2.   Leah FRIEDMAN, b. 11/1883, d. 1/13/1945; m. between 1910 and 1914 Alcibiade(s) "Jeff" deBLANC, b. 1883, d. 4/13/1951.

Eleda_Landry_Friedman.jpg MOMDAD1.jpg Harry_Friedman_age35.jpg      .    3.   Harry FRIEDMAN "Dad", b. 1/7/1885 in Boutte, LA, d. 10/26/1952 in Houston, TX; m. 10/27/1906 Mary Eleda LANDRY "Mom" (see Landry 1b.1.3a.4.4.6b.4b.5.2.1).

Tillie_Friedman_McCulloch.jpg      .    4a. Tillie FRIEDMAN, b. 9/26/1887 in Boutte, LA, d. 1/17/1971 in Houston, TX; m. (1) 11/14/1906 in New Orleans, LA Thomas Staples Taylor McCULLOCH, b. 6/1/1884 in Cooks Town, Tyrone County, Ireland (Orange, but now in Eire), arrived in USA in New York from Londonderry, Ireland 6/12/1904 aboard ship Anchoria, d. 12/6/1916 in Covington, LA, son of Hugh McCULLOCH, b. 1852, and Harriet Margaret CUTHBERT, b. 1863 (Thomas had about 9 siblings); 2 sons.

     .    4b. Tillie FRIEDMAN; m. (2) 11/15/1945 in Houston, TX Ed WEINBERG (his 2nd m.); no children.

     10. Augusta REICHENBERG, b. 2/9/1862, d. 11/26/1939, bur. Greenville, MS Jewish Cemetery.  It is said that Augusta's mother Amalie worked as a seamstress for an aristocratic family in Germany, and that Augusta had a child, Tillie, by a son of that family.  They paid passage to the USA for Augusta and Tillie.  They shipped from Bremen, Germany by way of Southampton, England, and ar. 6/25/1890 in New York on ship Elbe.  In the USA, Augusta m. (1) 2/23/1895 in New Orleans, LA Charles J. CHURCH; div.; m. (2) Furman Borden CLIFTON, b. c. 1857 in Iowa, d. between 1910 and 1920 censuses in MS.  No children by either husband.  In 1900, she lived with her sister Sophie's family (1.11, below) in Cleveland, MS.  In 1920 and 1930, she lived with her nephew Isadore Kamien's family (1.7.2, above) in Cleveland, MS.

     .    1.   Tillie REICHENBERG, b. 6/1881 in Germany, d. 12/3/1964; m. Aaron E. (Arren) HUSBAND, b. 2/1850 in MS; 4 children; div.

Sophie_Reichenberg_Seelbinder_house      11. Sophie REICHENBERG (twin to Hannah), b. 9/16/1865 in Frankfort am Main, Germany, d. 2/20/1947 in Cleveland, MS, bur. in Cleveland, MS; m. 11/5/1889 in Durant, MS Robert Emil SEELBINDER, b. 5/17/1867 in Berlin, Germany, d. 5/15/1952 in Cleveland, MS.  She emigrated from Bremen, ar. 4/18/1884 in New York, via ship Donau.  He emigrated to the USA in 1885.

     .    1.   Solomon SEELBINDER b. 9/17/1890 in Durant, d. 8/27/1936; m. 10/7/1919 in Holmes County, MS Ethel Elizabeth MOORE, b. 5/21/1895 in Bowling Green, MS, d. 2/6/1953.

     .    2.   Rosa Amalia SEELBINDER, b. 12/13/1891 in Durant, d. 10/25/1968 in Cleveland, MS; m. 12/25/1912 Robert Carl BOSCHERT, b. 6/3/1881 in Senatobia, MS, d. 10/19/1952.

     .    3.   Anna Lena SEELBINDER, b. 7/1893 in Cleveland, MS, d. 10/25/1968 in Cleveland, MS; m. 4/21/1917 Hiram Oswald JONES, b. 12/16/1884 in Belen, MS, d. 1/23/1958 in Clarksdale, MS.

     .    4.   Emma Wilhelmina SEELBINDER, b. 5/17/1895 in Cleveland, MS, d. 9/17/2001 in Cleveland; m. before 1918 Charles Milton SMITH, Sr., b. 9/26/1884 in Choctaw, AL, d. 11/27/1937 in Cleveland.

     .    5.   Pearl Rubye May SEELBINDER, b. 2/2/1901 in Cleveland, MS, d. 7/9/1999 in Cleveland; m. Johnnie ROVENHORST, b. c. 1902 in MS or b. c. 1895 in KY.

     .    6.   Elsie SEELBINDER, b. 1/24/1903 in Cleveland, MS (twin to Eva), d. 3/28/1986 in Meridian, MS; m. c. 1923 Lee Roy BARNER, Sr., b. 6/11/1900 in MS, d. 4/21/1979 in Ruleville, MS.

     .    7.   Eva SEELBINDER, b. 1/24/1903 in Cleveland, MS (twin to Elsie), d. 1/25/2001 in San Marcos, TX; m. James T. CHILES, Sr., b. 3/7/1896 in Starkville, MS, d. 5/6/1950.

     12. Hannah (Hannchen) REICHENBERG (twin to Sophie), b. 9/16/1865 in Frankfort am Main, Germany, d. age 2 years.

Rebecca_Reichenberg      13. Rebecca REICHENBERG, b. 3/3/1867 in Marköbel, Germany, d. 9/10/1940 in Wiesbaden, Germany, possibly in a concentration camp.

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