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The Smith family of Covington, LA was descended from a founder of the village of Wharton in St. Tammany Parish, which became Covington when later incorporated as a town.  This Smith genealogy was originally assembled by Archie R. Smith III.  Data on John Edis Smith is largely taken from Legends of Covington Cemetery No. 1, 1988.

John_Edes_Smith.jpg 1a.  John Edis (Edes) SMITH, Sr., b. 4/17/1815 in Baltimore, MD (his father was b. in England), d. 5/15/1893 in Covington; m. (1) 7/1/1843 in Baltimore, MD Eliza Jane MASSON, b. 8/10/1823 (possibly 7/10/1823) in Baltimore, d. 10/14/1882 in Covington, d/o Capt. William MASSON, Sr., and Eliza MASSON (See Masson  His parents died in Baltimore of yellow fever.  (But an oral account by Alton Smith says that they died at sea, and that there was a brother who was separated from John Edis in Baltimore.)  He lived with an uncle on Kent Island, farmer William Legg.  In 1832 he went to work for Joseph G. Galibert in Baltimore to learn the cooper's trade.  In 1837 he shipped on board the schooner Captain Shaw to Mobile, AL, and from there went to New Orleans, where he was a foreman for D. S. Dervees & Stockton.  He returned to Baltimore after seven years and married Eliza Jane MASSON.  Alton Smith says that she had T. B., which prompted them to move to Louisiana for the warmer climate.  They returned to New Orleans on the Tippecanoe, and later in 1843, moved to St. Tammany Parish, settling near the town of Sun.  He was a blacksmith at first.  He started Smith Hardware around 1846.  By 1857, they moved to Covington to have a better education for their children.  The Smiths lived in an attractive house on East Rutland Street, which remained in the Smith family for about 125 years.  It now houses the St. Tammany Homestead.  Smith Hardware continues to be carried on by the descendents of John Edis Smith, his son Hardy Horatio Smith, and Hardy's sons Archie and Alfred Smith.  However, two of his sons, Hardy and Henry, had a fight which led to the establishment of a separate store by Henry Smith.  The business H. J. Smith's Sons is still run by descendants of Henry James Smith, his son J. Lewis "Deed" Smith, and his son J. Louis "Red" Smith.

     1.   William Theodore SMITH, b. 4/19/1845 in New Orleans, LA, d. 9/25/1931 in Galveston, TX; m. 5/2/1871 Regina Frances CHILDS, b. 8/14/1854 in MS, d. 6/27/1919 in Galveston.  They settled in Galveston.

     .    1.   William Edis SMITH, b. 9/13/1872 in Galveston, d. 6/21/1940 in Houston, TX.

     .    2.   Walter Frederick SMITH, Sr., b. 12/15/1874 in Galveston, d. 5/5/1941 in Phoenix, AZ; m. Vertie Venora "Bertie" GAMMILL, b. c. 1881 in TX.

     .    2.   Julia Elizabeth (Eliza) SMITH, b. 10/30/1877 in Galveston, d. 1/22/1925 in Dallas, TX; m. 1899 Charles Andrew WILSON, b. 1/29/1872 in TX, d. 1/24/1948 in Dallas.

     .    4.   Theodora SMITH, b. 10/1893 in TX, d. 5/22/1991 in Galveston; m. Robert Lewis JONES, b. 6/6/1887 in Jackson, TN.

     2a.  Josephine Eliza SMITH, b. 9/7/1846 in St. Tammany Parish, LA, d. 1/10/1936 in New Orleans; m. (1) 3/28/1872 William Henry CUSHMEY, d. 6/29/1895; no children.  Following child may have been William's child by a different mother.

     .    1.   Lydia Jane CUSHMEY, d. 9/24/1874.

     2b.  Josephine Eliza SMITH; m. (2) 12/24/1896 in St. Tammany Parish Robert A. FORD, d. bef. 1910.

     3a.  Henry James SMITH, b. 8/23/1848 in northern St. Tammany Parish, d. 8/18/1935 in Covington; m. (1) 10/10/1871 Emily Virginia "Jennie" KENNEDY, b. 10/19/1847 in Covington (?), d. 7/22/1912 in Covington; see Kennedy 1.4b.2.

NAN01.jpg      .    1.   Annie Cecile "Nan" SMITH, b. 8/14/1872 in Covington, d. 3/12/1960 in Covington; never m.; lived much of her life with her brother and sister-in-law, Deed and Anna Smith (#1.3a.3, below).

Rachel_Linton_Smith-02.jpg Julian_Smith_I-02.jpg      .    2.   Julian Henry SMITH, Sr., b. 3/1/1875, d. 3/19/1945; m. 10/27/1909 Rachel Louise LINTON "Nani", b. 11/15/1884, d. 11/13/1946, bur. Covington Abbey (see Linton 1.2).

     .    3.   John Louis (Lewis) "Deed" SMITH, Sr., b. 3/5/1877 in Covington, d. 8/15/1958 in Covington; m. 1/29/1919 in Covington Anna "Nan" MOREELL "Deeden-Nan", b. 10/6/1882 in Russia (reported as b. in New York City in several federal censuses), d. 8/11/1974 in Covington.  (Anna was a sister of Admiral Ben Moreell, who founded the Navy CBs.)

     3b.  Henry James SMITH; m. (2) between 1912 and 1920 Nellie O. ______, b. c. 1868, d. 10/14/1946 in Covington; no children.

     4.   Sara (Sallie) Louisiana "Lou" SMITH, b. 3/20/1850 in Sun, St. Tammany Parish, d. 1/24/1923 (some sources give 2/24/1923) in New Orleans, bur. in Chubby Hill; m. 1/26/1871 in Covington Milton Sidney BURNS, b. 11/11/1846 in New Orleans, d. 6/12/1917 in Chubby Hill, bur. Chubby Hill.

     .    1.   Ella Mae BURNS, b. 3/25/1873 (possibly 3/5/1873), d. 12/14/1942, bur. Chubby Hill; m. between 1900 & 1910 censuses Thomas Leo DRUMMOND, b. 12/10/1870, d. 5/11/1935, bur. Chubby Hill; no children.

     .    2.   Josephine Virginia "Josie" BURNS, b. 12/25/1873 in LA, d. 12/27/1947 in Baton Rouge, bur. Chubby Hill; m. (1) 7/27/1891 Jacob Milton CORE, Jr., b. 1868 or 6/1877, d. 3/7/1901; m. (2) Amzie M. KEAN, b. c. 1860 in LA, d. 7/18/1934 in E. Baton Rouge Parish (his 2nd m.). Children of Josie and Milton:

     .    .    1.   Emma Mae CORE, b. 7/1/1892 in LA, d. 6/19/1983 in Pinehurst, NC; m. in Durham, NC John D. McKEITHAN.

     .    .    2.   Edith Wilton CORE, b. 4/22/1894 in LA, d. 3/1985 in Conroe, TX; m. (1) James Charles Victor SEAGALE, b. 7/17/1886 in Ohio, d. 7/1/1972 in Lakeland, FL; m. (2) in Cleveland, TX John (Mc)Dowell "Dal" HUNT, b. 6/5/1904 in Pennington, TX, d. 2/14/1966 near Cleveland, TX.

     .    .    3.   Dudley Harold CORE, b. 12/18/1898 in LA, d. 4/1982 in Baton Rouge, LA; m. c. 1942 in Baton Rouge, LA Maggie Lee CASTON, b. 4/10/1900 in MS, d. 4/13/1986 in Baton Rouge.

     .    3.   John Preston BURNS, b. 6/3/1877 in Covington, d. 12/9/1954; m. 7/6/1901 Nellie Washtella DANIEL(S), b. 7/5/1876 in Franklnton, LA, d. 3/25/1942 in Washington Parish, LA.  They lived in Bogalusa, LA; no children.

     .    4.   Louis Singleton BURNS, b. 5/11/1880 (Clerk Court birth 5/1879) in Covington; m. 10/16/1904 Mary FUSSELL.

     .    5.   Clara Eliza BURNS, b. 11/25/1882 in Covington, d. 11/4/1934, bur. Chubby Hill (Clerk Court birth 11/1881, death 11/24/1934); m. 10/8/1903 Weston Hulon (Hewlin?) SHAW.

     .    6.   James Howard BURNS, b. 1/25/1884 (Clerk Court b. 6/25/1884) in Folsom, LA, d. 10/21/1968, bur. Bogalusa, LA; m. 4/23/1916 Elulia TALLEY, b. 6/8/1895 in Sun, LA, d. 3/20/1948, bur. Bogalusa, LA.

     .    7.   Sidney Milton BURNS, b. 5/29/1886, d. 1957, bur. Chubby Hill; m. Edna Mae MILLETT, whose first husband was ______ FRIEDLANDER.

     .    8.   William Masson BURNS, Sr., b. 6/16/1888 (Clerk Court birth 6/14/1888) in Covington, d. 9/7/1962, bur. Roselawn Memorial, Baton Rouge, LA; m. 5/21/1921 in Folsom, LA Edna Mae VICKERS, b. 5/1/1899, d. 10/22/1955, bur. Roselawn Memorial, Baton Rouge, LA.

     .    9.   Ruble Francis BURNS, b. 4/6/1891, d. 12/3/1918 in Paris Island, SC, in military.

     5.   Hardy Horatio SMITH, Sr., b. 1/7/1852 in Sun, LA in St. Tammany Parish on the Bogue-Chitto River near the Washington Parish line, d. 10/16/1937 in Covington, bur. Covington Cemetary; m. 10/3/1878 in Abita Point, LA Margie (Majoire?) Barkley VIENNE, b. 2/21/1861, d. 3/31/1938 in Covington.

     .    1.   Dr. Hardy Horatio SMITH, Jr., b. 4/4/1880 in Covington, d. 10/19/1956 in Santa Barbara, CA, bur. in Fort Smith, AR; m. (1) 3/31/1906 Roberta MANTON, b. 6/12/1886 in Rocky Mount, Bossier Parish, LA, d. 8/16/1933 in Fort Smith, AR; m. (2) 6/23/1934 Eva Elinor JAY, b. 8/1881 in LA, d. 9/10/1936 (burned to death); no children of this marriage; m. (3) Mildred WRIGHT (MARTIN?); no children of this marriage.  Dr. Smith practiced medicine in Cotton Valley, LA, then moved his practice to Fort Smith, AR in 1914 until about 1948, when he retired to Los Angeles.

     .    .    1.   Frances Marcie SMITH, b. 8/19/1910 in Cotton Valley, d. 6/18/1931 in an automobile accident in Fayetteville, AR; never married.

     .    2.   Archie Rubin SMITH, Sr., b. 10/5/1881 in Covington, d. 1/17/1958 in Covington, bur. Chubby Hill; m. 7/17/1907 Corinne Burns BLOSSMAN, b. 10/29/1887 in New Orleans, d. 1/29/1966 in Covington, bur. Chubby Hill.

     .    3.   Clarance Edis SMITH, Sr., b. 7/18/1883 in Covington, d. 8/6/1884 in Covington.

     .    4.   Alfred Vienne SMITH, Sr., b. 10/31/1884 in Covington, d. 3/11/1954 in Covington, bur. Covington Cemetery; m. 2/21/1905 in New Orleans Lavinia E. PERRONCEL, b. 11/2/1884 in Marshall, MO, d. 6/23/1974 in Covington, bur. Covington Cemetery.

     .    5.   Clara Pearl SMITH, b. 7/28/1886 in Covington, d. 12/9/1958 in Los Angeles, CA; m. 9/6/1905 Samual Logan BELKNAP, Sr., b. in New Orleans.

     .    6.   Barkley Mason SMITH, b. 4/23/1890 in Covington, d. 7/4/1954 in Covington, bur. Pinecrest Memorial, Covington; m. 4/23/1929 in Bogalusa, LA Doris PURVIS, b. 11/17/1906 in Hazelhurst, MS; div.

     .    7.   Warren Howell SMITH, Sr., b. 9/17/1893 (possibly 1892) in Covington, founded Smith Chevrolet, d. 6/1963 in New Orleans, bur. Covington; m. 10/24/1914 in Covington Mabel HOSMER, b. 4/23/1894 in Summit, MS, d. 9/1973 in Covington; div.

     6.   Isabella Amelia SMITH (Amelia), b. 11/27/1853 in Covington, d. 12/25/1933 in Slidell, bur. Covington; m. 12/5/1871 Hiram Rivers SINGLETON, b. 4/16/1848 in Jeanerette, LA, d. 3/25/1910 in El Paso, TX, bur. Covington.

     .    1.   Hampton Richardson SINGLETON, b. 6/24/1873 in Covington, d. 3/22/1916; m. 10/6/1897 Harriet Virginia THEUS.

     .    2.   Eliza Amelia SINGLETON, b. 9/20/1874 in LA; m. 4/24/1901 J. Henry BLUMER.

     .    3.   Ruth SINGLETON, b. 4/22/1876 in MS, d. 12/22/1927; m. 11/23/1897 Claude N. R. GAMES.

     .    4.   Frank Edis SINGLETON, b. 8/29/1877 in MS, d. 8/11/1935; m. 8/28/1907 Ola SMITH.

     .    5.   Marion Alma SINGLETON, b. 3/2/1880 in MS, d. 10/13/1880.

     .    6.   Foote Rivers SINGLETON, b. 12/19/1881, d. 5/23/1962; m. 3/25/1908 Mary Edith TOMB, d. 5/3/1961 in Slidel, LA.

     .    7.   Ewall Dulton SINGLETON, b. 6/26/1885, d. 6/27/1950; m. 11/23/1910 Minnie Gertrude WOODS.

     .    8.   Charles Galloway SINGLETON, b. 11/16/1886 in Yazoo City, MS, d. 4/30/1974 in Houston, TX, bur. Dallas, TX; m. 9/1/1909 in St Louis, MO Sadie May DONALDSON, b. 11/16/1886 in Yazoo City, MS, d. 4/30/1974 in Houston, TX, bur. Dallas, TX.

     7.   Susan Virginia SMITH, b. 9/15/1855 in St. Tammany Parish, d. 6/15/1953, bur. Covington Cemetary #1; m. 10/13/1873 William Gogan KENTZEL, b. 11/28/1847 in Philadelphia, PA, d. 10/13/1907.

     .    1.   Lydia Jane KENTZEL, b. 1/22/1875 in Galveston, TX, living with John Edis Smith family in 1880, d. 1961; m. (1) 10/30/1895 in St. Tammany Parish William WARD or WORD, b. in TN; m. (2) probably between 1904 & 1910 Alexander H. HAMMETT, b. 4/2/1875 in GA.

     .    2.   Catherine Tyler "Katie" KENTZEL, b. 4/17/1876 in Covington, d. 3/21/1943 in Washington Parish, LA; m. c. 1911 Edward James TERREBONNE, Sr., b. 6/2/1887 in New Orleans, d. 3/1/1945 in Washington Parish.

     .    3.   William Henry KENTZEL, b. 7/25/1878 in Covington, d. 8/15/1938; m. 4/27/1910 in New Orleans Mary Carmelite PADIN, b. 5/11/1886 or 4/17/1886 in New Orleans, d. 1/31/1941.

     .    4.   Edward Dale KENTZEL, b. 1/22/1880 in LA, d. 5/17/1965; m. (1) Genevieve Theresa BURNS, b. c. 1883; m. (2) before 1930 census Laura L. ______, b. c. 1883 in LA.

     .    5.   Ida Mae KENTZEL, b. 5/12/1887 in Covington, d. 4/1970 in Bogalusa, LA; m. George Fontaine POOLE, b. 9/2/1884 in AL, d. 5/22/1945 in New Orleans, bur. in Bogalusa.

     .    6.   Frank Harrison KENTZEL, Sr., b. 6/29/1892 in Covington, d. 1961, bur. in Bogalusa; m. before Jun 1917 Lucy A. DOUGLAS, b. 1/20/1898 in MS, d. 11/9/1998, bur. in Bogalusa.

     8.   Elizabeth Ann "Lizzie" SMITH, b. 9/8/1857 (possibly 9/15/1857) in Covington, d. 12/9/1947; m. Louis Rundell FEATHERSTONE.

     9.   Charles Layton SMITH, b. 3/9/1860 in Covington, d. 4/10/1941; settled in Baton Rouge, LA; m. 11/2/1882 Maria C. THAYER, b. 6/1860 in KY.

     .    1.   Lillian SMITH, b. 12/1886; m. P. C. REIDY.

     .    2.   Alvin W. SMITH, b. 11/1890; spouse unknown.

     .    3.   Gladys SMITH. b. 3/1893; m. ______ O'HARA.

     .    4.   Constance Lucille SMITH, b. 12/1894; unmarried.

     .    5.   Jasper Lawrence SMITH, b. 2/1897.

     .    6.   Doris SMITH; m. Leonard A. GOWENS, Sr.

   10.   John Edis SMITH, Jr., b. 12/1/1861 in Covington, d. 6/6/1920 in Covington; m. (1) 2/23/1884 Margaret PURNELL, b. 5/1864 Yazoo City, MS, d. 5/16/1909 in Covington; m. (2) ______; m. (3) between 1910 & 1920 Alabama MADISON, b. 3/28/1862 in Brooksville, MS, d. 11/10/1936 in Covington; her 1st m. to James Phelps HAYNES, div. before 1910 census; see 10.7 below.

     .    1.   William J. "Willie" SMITH, b. 1/1885 in MS, d. c. 1/1909; no children.

     .    2.   Claude Ryvers SMITH, b. 2/16/1888 in Yazoo City, MS, d. 3/17/1977 in Abilene, TX (he lived in Alexandria, LA at the time); m. Katie ROSE; 1 child.

     .    3.   Jennie E. SMITH, b. 9/1890 in LA; m. William NABORS.

     .    4.   Alton Edis SMITH, b. 9/12/1892 in Covington, LA (twin to Alma), d. 2/22/1988 in Covington; m. Georgie ______, b. c. 1890.

     .    5.   Alma M. SMITH, b. 9/12/1892 in Covington, LA (twin to Alton); m. Rowland BUDD, b. 7/4/1896 in London, England, d. 8/1963 in MA; 3 children.

     .    6.   Percy Eugene "Pete" SMITH, b. 2/21/1895 in Covington; m. (1) between 1917 and the 1920 census Dolly Varnado GRAY, b. 11/1897, d. 1926; 1 child; m. (2) between 1926 and 1930 census Laura BADEUX, b. c. 1893; no children.

     .    7.   Anna Cecile SMITH, b. 6/22/1897 in LA, d. 9/1986 in Baton Rouge; m. before 1917 Leroy Madison HAYNES, Sr., b. 11/24/1891 in Meridian, MS, d. 3/1964 (son of James Phelps HAYNES and Alabama MADISON; see 10 above); 6 children.

     .    8.   Margaret T. SMITH, b. 9/28/1899 in LA; m. Hosey PARKER.

     .    9.   Mildred SMITH, b. c. 1902 in LA; m. Archie C. GILBERT, b. c. 1904 in AL.

     .  10.   John Henry SMITH, Jr., b. 3/8/1904 in LA, d. 3/6/1978 in Baton Rouge; m. Maxine Charlotte HODGES, b. 4/11/1916 in Hammond, LA, d. 1/12/1993 in Baton Rouge; 1 child.

     .  11.   Clifford Kenner SMITH, Sr., b. 7/6/1906 in Covington, d. 10/17/1958 in Denham Springs, LA; m. 1927 Rhoda Mae HOGGATT, b. 7/17/1911 in LA; 2 children.

     .  12.   Lydia Constance SMITH, b. 5/16/1909 in LA, d. 12/6/1974; m. (1?) ______ RIVERS (?); m. (2?) George E. WATTS, b. 6/1898.

   11.  Cora May SMITH, b. 6/23/1863 in Covington, d. 10/13/1943; m. 11/7/1884 in New Orleans Sidney Dale Porter ANDERSON, b. 9/1864 in LA, d. 1/18/1930 in Covington.

     .    1.   Albert Sidney ANDERSON, b. 8/28/1889 in New Orleans, d. 11/11/1961 in Bogalusa, LA; m. Winnie WHITE, b. 9/16/1889 in Abbeville, LA, d. 10/13/1984 in Baton Rouge, LA.

     .    2.   Ethel Marie ANDERSON, b. 9/10/1890 in LA, d. 5/19/1979 in Baton Rouge, LA; m. Arlie D. KIDD, b. 12/18/1894 in LA, d. 4/1/1939 in Baton Rouge.

     .    3.   Ruby Dale ANDERSON, b. 1/26/1894 in LA, d. 8/25/1978 I Houma, LA; m. (1) c. 1918 John Lema WISINGER, b. 7/6/1874 in AR, d. 11/14/1933 in Union Couinty, AR, his 2nd m.; 3 children.  His 1st m. 5/22/1898 in Union, AR to Fannie KINARD, b. 9/1882 in AR; 4 children.  Ruby m. (2) Manuel SANTOS, a seaman from Spain; no children.

     .    4.   Leslie Bernard ANDERSON, Sr., b. 9/13/1896 in LA, d. 11/18/1963 in Washington Parish, LA; m. c. 1923 Florence Ella SPENCER, b. 9/3/1897 in Memphis, TN, d. 12/30/1971 in Bogalusa.

   12.  Eugene Emile SMITH, b. 6/23/1865 in Covington, d. 4/4/1942 in New Orleans; m. (1) 12/20/1888 Hattie C. ABNEY, b. 1/1872 in MS, d. 7/13/1891; m. (2) 6/25/1892 Emma A. GREEN, b. 1/17/1870 in Pass Christian, MS.  (Many researchers incorrectly list Hattie and Emma as one person.)
Children of Eugene and Emma:

     .    1.   Enola T. SMITH; m. Ray E. PATRICK, b. est. 1890, d. before 1956 (perhaps long before).

     .    2.   Frank Emile SMITH.

     .    3.   Eugene Emile SMITH, Jr., b. c. 1903, d. c. 1922 age 19; no children.

1b.  John Edis SMITH, Sr.; m. (2) ______; no children

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