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Concerning Omnibuses in New Orleans

1832 to 1840

Louisiana Advertiser 12/11/32 New omnibus line running, Canal St. to Lower Cotton Press.
     " 12/20/32 Timetable for this line, two buses running, from Canal St., head of Chartres to Levee Steam Cotton Press.  Buses named “The Cotton Press” and “The Tobacco Plant” and are four-horse types, replacing “former buses.”  Each bus carries a letter box; smoking not allowed; “colored people only if accompanied.”
Courier 12/21/32 Picking up on above item, mention the two new buses built by Messrs. Carters of Newark, NJ.  Service departs each end every 30 min.
     " 8/17/33 James Armstrong, driver of bus “The Tobacco Plant”, falls from seat and killed.
Mercantile Advertiser 1/13/34 New Orleans & Lafayette Omnibus Co. started 11/21/33, Jackson & Levee Road for Camp & Canal, begins 9:00 a.m., hourly trips (Magazine).
     " 2/4/34 “Upper Omnibus” two carriages imported by Mr. Walton for Upper Cotton Press, “better suited for their purpose than those to Lower Steam Cotton Press” — better springs suited to rough roads.
Louisiana Advertiser 2/8/34 The new omnibuses “St. Mary” and “Delor” (named for faubourgs) will run in a few days from Canal & Camp to Parish Judge's office in Lafayette, corner Jackson & Levee via Camp, Magazine, Felicity.
     " 7/21/34 Just received from Carters, Newark, NJ two “light” omnibuses, carry 10 persons, harness for two horses.
Commercial Bulletin 6/9/36 & 6/17/36 Sewell T. Taylor opened line of omnibuses between City Hotel (Arcade) and Bishop's Hotel via Merchants' Exchange, Hewlett's Exchange, to Lake; lv city 7:00 a.m., 2:00 p.m., returns 10:00 a.m. & 6:30 p.m., 5¢ fare, to start June 10.  [Reaches] Light House Hotel and Elkins Hotel (formerly Washington Hotel).
     " 9/3/36 Arcade & Pontchartrain RR omnibus starts service, from the RR, beginning 7:00 a.m., 8, 8½, 9, 9½, 12, 4, 5, 6, 7.  Lv Arcade 7, 9, 12, 1, 2, 4½, 5½, 6½, 7.  Via Conde (later named Chartres — originally a different name in its extension to Elysian Fields in the 3rd district), thence Chartres in the 1st district, crossing Canal to use Camp and probably Gravier to reach Magazine St., terminating at the Banks Arcade.  (It is difficult to accurately trace an omnibus route, for no map is known that displayed routes as later transit maps did.  Newspaper descriptions of routes often omitted streets used, or smeared the print making impossible an accurate reading.)  12½¢ to Hewlett's Exchange, all other places 25¢.
     " 11/11/36 New line, Canal & Arcade to Orleans Cotton Press “above town.”
     " New Orleans & Carrollton RR Co.'s omnibuses NO&C RR depot, via Camp, Royal, St. Louis, Chartres, Conde.  Runs every 30 min. from 12/7/36.  George Merrick put in this ad.
Bee 3/18/38 & 3/19/38 The Bayou St. John omnibus commences service, Canal St. to Bayou Bridge.
Commercial Bulletin 5/26/38 Kip, Reed & Co. Proprietors: Lafayette omnibus sold by Messrs. Behan & Freedland to Kip, Reed & Co.  Canal St. to Lafayette passing Orleans Cotton Press, an omnibus every 30 min.
     " 1/22/39 3 “omnibus carriages”, two-horse types, by Kip & Reed at omnibus stables, Philip St., City of Lafayette.
     " 5/11/39 4 two-horse or 12 passenger omnibuses for sale.
     " 5/27/39 Kip & Reed open “new line of omnibuses” on Magazine St. from Canal to Planters Press, hourly service, 12½¢ fare.
Bee 12/10/40 F. A. Guillotte selling one “16 place” omnibus and carriage for two horses.
Commercial Bulletin 12/21/40 Monday — “Winter & Spring arrangement”, as of 20 Dec., Louis A. Reed, three omnibus lines: (1) Lafayette via Tchoupitoulas; (2) Magazine (turn back at Delor); (3) Livaudais & Delassize (Jackson & Tchoupitoulas).  Note: 12/22/40 has a better timetable.
Lafayette City Advertiser 1/15/42 Lewis (not Louis) A. Reed response to Auch & Geiger advertisement in Bee and Bulletin of 14th Jan.
Auch & Geiger ad: Lafayette & New Orleans Omnibus Line, Timetable: (1) Tchoupitoulas, from Jackson (to Canal St.); (2) Magazine, Felicity to Camp and Canal.  Buses have “stop string” passengers inside can pull to indicate “stop”, and buses have “collectors” to take fares (12½¢).
Daily Picayune 12/29/52 Article: Omnibuses increasing in numbers, “now run in dozens of streets”, need “through routing crossing Canal” and to run later at night.
     " 5/8/53 Monday evening edition (5/9) complaints, omnibus overcrowding.
     " 6/26/53 “J. B. Slawson & Co's new omnibus route”: Canal & Chartres to Metairie Ridge Cemetery and Halfway House, with omnibuses carrying 16 passengers inside, 12 outside.  Line runs via Bienville St., every 2 hrs, 8 a.m. to 6 p.m.
     " 10/25/53 evening edition: Omnibus lines (Slawson's) prohibiting smoking “on all our lines.”
     " 12/10/53 “Patrick Irwin” (owner) omnibus mentioned on Hercules St.
Daily Picayune 1/17/54 J. B. Slawson new omnibus line to start 1/19, Canal via Magazine, Poydras, Tchoupitoulas, and Annunciation, 15 min. freq.
     " 3/1/54 Article asking why difference in fares, drivers do not pull to “banquettes” and start too abruptly, drivers ignore “stop string” and do not forbid smoking.
     " 4/1/54 J. B. Slawson to open its ninth omnibus line, Canal & Chartres, along Common & Claiborne to St. Bernard.  Half hourly service.
     " 4/8/54 Above line a success.  Omnibus will run every 15 min.
     " 8/27/54 Child run over, killed by omnibus on Conde St. on 26th.
Daily Picayune 8/29/54 Messrs. Philip Herzberger & P. W. Renkin now managing the Bayou Bridge omnibus.  Purchased from Charles Hennard's line which was known as “Bayou St. John.”  New owners will [did] commence service 8/27 Canal St. to Bayou Bridge.  Title of new operation: “Herzberger & Co.”
     " 9/5/54 John Hoey received new omnibus “from the north” to run on Common St. road and Carrollton Ave. to Carrollton (forerunner of Tulane Belt streetcar).
     " 9/10/54 Omnibus accident.  Bus turning from Canal into Royal hit by dray.  Driver Wm. Covey injured.
     " 11/2/54 Common & Claiborne omnibus line mentioned.
Daily Picayune 1/18/55 Omnibus running every 15 min. to New Orleans Jackson & Great Northern depot.  [Note 1/21, the Illinois Central will be completed Chicago to Cairo and running 1/8/55.]
     " 3/8/55 Seven licenses for omnibuses sold that day.
     " 3/15/55 Revenue from omnibus fees $3,330.
     " 12/2/55 People urging Apollo & Government Wharf lines run later than 9 p.m.
     " 12/28/55 (afternoon edition) Patrick Farmer, native of Ireland, driver of J. B. Slawson omnibus no. 63, fell to pavement while trying to recover his lash.  25 years old and a driver for only 8 days.
     " 1/27/56 N. O. & C. RR Co. omnibus “Apollo & Prytania” line increases fares to 10¢.
     " 2/1/56 Hart, Thomas & Co. owns the Camp & Prytania omnibus line.  P. Irwin, prop. Apollo St. line, published fares: ages 6-12 5¢, older & adult 10¢.

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