8.  Orleans RR Co.   5'2½"   1868

Began service with 12 RB PM (probably platform style) cars RB to BT by New Orleans & Carrollton RR Co., who RB their own “single” cars (see NO&C RR Co., this section, No. 1, page c), P in S p. 9 of ORR car no. 1.  The ORR quickly added 20 PM cars, almost AR, almost not BR with modified monitor (see sketch).  Source of the 20 cars unknown.  Company livery, blue & gold.  Its first president was George Clark.

No 1870s stats available.  ORR Annual Report (12/31/1884) lists 32 cars, 143 mules and horses (lost 8 mules and 3 horses during 1884).  Value of cars $16,000 ($500 each), value of horses and mules $16,760 ($118.03 each).  (Animals in toto worth more than all the cars!)  Feed costs $13,331.83 ($93.23 per animal, 26˘ daily per animal).  Mr. Henry Larquie was President 1882-1883 and Mr. P. Cougot, Secy. (TD 3/31/1883, DP 2/6/1882).  In 1884, began hourly cars after midnight, fare 10˘ (DP 11/25/1884).

In 1887, the road still had 32 cars, and used 140 horses (and mules?  Did the ORR try a stable of only horses?).  The street railway mileage was 9.50 (SRJ Jan. 1887).  Two years later, 32 cars, 143 mules and horses, 9.50 miles of track, using 35 lb. rails.  Mr. Larquie was still President and Director.  Other Directors: S. Hernshelm, B. Buenbay, R. Viosca, F. Lianungi, J. Ferran, and G. Esnard.  P. Cougot was still Secy. and Treas.  The names are French, German, and Italian, a cross section of the largest national groups in the city, with some exceptions — possible no blacks, just possibly.  There were then and today much more — people of mixed color, reflecting the cosmopolitan characteristic of the city.

When the electric cars came, the old mule cars were put up for auction, and 22 were sold in one day.  The cars were up for bids at “the old car shed” at White and LaHarpe; each went for five dollars!  The horses and mules sold as a lot for $2,600.

The ORR mule cars differed from those of other companies, mainly in the treatment of the roof.

Page__d3-Fig01 Page__d3-Fig02
Conversion Dates
Bayou St. John 11/17/1895
Broad 11/23/1895
French Market 11/25/1895

9.  Carondelet Street & Carrollton City RR Co.   5'2½"   1871 — never operated

One mile DT BLT in Carondelet St., 8th St. to Upperline.  Projected to join Carrollton, thru “back o' town”, to downtown, lake side of blocks out from the Clay statue.  It would be faster than the NO&C RR.  Unknown if any equipment ordered or delivered.  All work shut down 1872.

10. Street Railways “Across the River” from New Orleans   1881 ff.

Street railways across the Mississippi River from New Orleans connected Algiers (itself part of New Orleans from 1870), Gretna, Harvey, and Marrero.  Their history is discussed in LaSR, vol. 1, pp. 20-29.

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