New Orleans & Carrollton Rail Road Company

Steam R. R. Carriages for Sub'n Line to Carrollton


Scale; approx. ¼" to the foot.

From CZ “Constructed by J. Green in Hoboken” — Zimpel states — “I formerly had my orders for eight-wheeled cars filled by” (J. Green) — “Convinced myself later, that the best construction is available in Philadelphia” (p. 207 — builder not specified).  Three, poss. four, of these cars (Figs. 222 & 223) BLT in 1835.  P. 207 indicates these cars were 25' OB, seated 40 inside and 20 on the top.  P. 208 states “first class” car 25' OB, seating 40 inside (without seating on top?) from Hoboken “costs $1,700.”  Note early buffer design (buffers universally present in European car construction), Zimpel's poss. special order.  Also note the end steps, double, similar to those on the N. O. & C. RR. Co.-built double deck streetcars of 1835.  This design same period.  DT cars proved too heavy for N. O. & C. RR. Co. track, especially in 1837 when the track sank into wet, soaked R. O. W. — see G p. 24.  Three “long 8-wheeled passenger cars” were sold 1837-38, two to the *New Orleans & Nashville RR and another to the Red River RR Co. at Alexandria, Louisiana (the nation's first railroad built west of the Mississippi River).

Next page: N. O. & C. RR. Co. standard “3-bodied” cars for suburban RR service, built by N.O.&C. at car shop in Carrollton, 1835-onward.

*Note: N.O.&C. cars sold to N. O. & Nashville RR required RG trucks, from 4'8½" to 5'6" (see p. e).

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