New Orleans & Carrollton RR Co.
“President” DTRR 18' 6" OB
24' 8" OA
Brill 22-E trucks St. Louis Car Co. ON ____ 1892 (See p. g)
RB 1895 from No. 50, St. Louis Car Co. 1892 order.  Named in honor of NO&C President Hernandez.  P - as no. 50 - S p. 121.  Interior P - S p. 120 (erroneously “Atalanta”) appeared in SRJ Oct. 1894 p. 40.  RT shortly after Brill ON 6049 27 Oct. 94 arrived.  RB (with interior appointments) just before SRJ article in Oct. 94.  Standard gauge car.  Disposition unknown.  Conceivably used until first unification of ry. corps. in 1902 (NORysCo).
New Orleans Rys. Co.
“Atalanta” DTDR 22' OB Brill 22-E trucks Brill ON 5521¼      OR
11 Dec 93
ON 6214
25 Jan 95
(See p. n)
Unk. which order this 22' car chosen from.  No P (if notched window, would be ON 5521¼).  Daily States & Daily Item both of 1/1/03 as well as same date DP & TD mentioned the private car, first date encountered, as “Atalanta” (a mythological huntress) during special trip inaugurating the “Royal Blue Line” (Napoleon) that day.  Line also ref. to as “Orleans & Jefferson Line” (see p. j).  Article gave no other details of the car.  Pres. Pearson and party boarded “Atalanta” at Canal & Camp, proceeded via Henry Clay and “White Line” (see p. b) to Napoleon.  Car was 5' 2½" gauge.  No P under “Atalanta”.
New Orleans Ry. & Lt. Co.
“Sancho Pablo”  DTDR 22' OB Brill 22-E trucks Brill ON 5521¼      OR
11 Dec 93
ON 6214
25 Jan 95
(See p. n)
Obviously the “Atalanta” renamed.  Listed as “Sancho Pablo” DTDR 22' Brill 25 yrs. old (1893) in N. O. Ry. & Lt. Co. 1918 roster (which see).  Had 2 GE 800 motors.  Renamed poss. as early as 1907.  Significance of name unk.


G & S have extensive coverage of a number of experimental cars, car propulsion and locomotives.  See them for: ammoniacal locos, thermospecific locos, overhead cable, compressed air, even rubber band.  Even the McMahon ammonia motor was tested on the NO&CRR (SRJ Nov. 1889 p. 337) and, of course, storage battery cars, on the Coliseum Line (see p. g).
New Orleans Ry. & Lt. Co.    1913
STDR 287  21' 4" OB
32' 0" OA
Truck unk. Magazine Shop 1913 1 car
DP 1/13/13 p. 7.  “Type of new cars being turned out by N. O. Ry. & Lt. Co. in its own shops.”  P - car 287, interior dim. platf. 5' 4" x 8' 4".  “12 cross seats, 4 LGT, seats 32.”  8 windows each side, two sash, upper fixed w/slight arch.  Closest to St. Louis Car Co. 260-277, or poss. same builder, 41-50 for St. Charles St. RR.  Two completed so far, “can build them cheaper than buying new cars.”  — Interview w/D. A. Hegarty, mgr. shops.  Poss. used Brill 21-E truck.
(Truck order) Brill ON 19000 1 21-E truck photo #78665 for NOR&L 14 May 13.
DP 7/3/13 p. 15.  “Building Own Cars.”  Pres. Hugh McCloskey quote: “Take old cars that otherwise would have to be abandoned, select the good parts, and with our own shop forces, these cars can be completely rebuilt and turned out upon the tracks as good as brand new cars, possibly better in some particulars.  Six turned out from local shops.  Magazaine Shops will eventually give employment to a large force of skilled men.”
1918 NORy&Lt Co. roster (which see) listes 287 as a 22' body Brill BLT 1896, not experimental.  Same lists 288 & 289 as St. Louis Car Co. 1900 order with 20' 1" OB.  No group or classification of the six cars mentioned in DP 7/13/13 shows up in 1918 roster, but they must have gone further than “experimental” and performed revenue service.
TP Sunday 6/15/19 “A new experimental car has been installed with a front door exit.”  John S. Bleecker, GM NORy&Lt Co.  (Poss. trials for “nearside” operation.  The Perley A. Thomas cars did/do offer front exit), surely using existing cars.
New Orleans Public Service Inc.    1924
STAR 288  21' 1" OB
33' 6" OA
79-EX2 truck NOPSI 1924 1 car Perley A. Thomas look-alike
(Truck order) Brill ON 21625 for NORy&Lt Co. 20 Sept. 22 8' 6" WB 30" WH.
ERJ 5/10/24 p. 741 P (exterior & interior), text S p. 130, scale drawing & specifications S p. 131.  BLT Carrollton Sta. as one man/two man type.  Steel body - wood filled T posts.  Body almost identical to 800-900 Thomas design!  Car developed over 2 year period, initiated by NORy&Lt Co.  32 pass., WT 26,778# - almost 837# per rider - compare with 400s, 763# per rider.  Car did operate, recalled by carmen as running on Sp. Fort Line during slack times.  Listed nonoperating in 1932, retired 1933.  Listed BLT 1900 in NOPSI retirement dates and as “28-passenger” - valued at $7,460 - in City Library Archives, La. Collection.
STDR 289  (Dim. unk.) Truck unk.
Listed with 288 as BLT 1900(!) on same NOPSI retirement date list, but valued at $6,647.  No P.  List-by-list repetition of the 287-288-289 in teens & 20s causes confusion.  Was the 1924 288 (NOPSI) a totally RB NOR&L 288 of 1913?  Are all three parts of the six BLT in 1913?  W/o P documentation, questions will linger.

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