Pictures 293.3 and 293.4.

The top picture shows car 933 in the act of turning into City Park Ave. to return to Canal Street.  At this point, the streetcar is moving east, with westbound automobile traffic to its right heading towards Metairie.  The New Basin Canal had been right behind the building on the other side of the streetcar.  City Park Avenue became Metairie Road on the other side of the canal.  Metairie Cemetery is in the right background.  The bottom photo shows car 925 moving eastward along City Park Ave. heading for Canal Street.  The automobile roadways are at our left, showing again how a westbound automobile would pass to its own left of an eastbound streetcar.  This must have felt very strange to a westbound automobile driver! D. R. Toye, S. J., Kenner Train Shop (Chris Rodriguez) collection, courtesy of Mike Palmieri (top); Otto Goessl photo (bottom)



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