Pictures 575, 576, and 577.

It is now May 8, 2009, and all Canal line service, on both branches, is being provided by refurbished Von Dullen 2000-series red cars.  The top picture features car 2013 as Canal-Cemeteries run 5 outbound at the Canal & Royal intersection; the second picture shows car 2010 running as Canal-City Park run 31 at the same location; and in the third picture car 2001 is holding down Canal-City Park run 30, inbound at Canal and St. Charles.  Note that the center sign on the Carrollton branch cars, which should display the route name Canal, sometimes shows City Park instead.  RTA is not consistent in their use of the roll sign selections available.  Car 2001 is just recently out of the shop, and is perhaps the most recent car to reenter service. photo by the author




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