Pictures 27, 28, 29, and 29.5.

Car 29 was used around both of the car barns, though its “home” was (and still is) Carrollton Station.  Here, we see it basking in the sun on a storage track at Canal Station (top view), and waiting on the approach tracks to Carrollton Station along Jeanette St., September 1962 (second view) and around 1960-62 (third view).  The bottom picture shows the end of the car peeping out of Carrollton Station after pulling in from Jeanette Street in February 1965.  This gives us a good view of the structure and apparatus at the end of the car.  Notice the extra right rail for the former dual-gauge trackage in the third photo, and the dual-wire trolley coach overhead at the far right in the second and third pictures. — Joe Guarino (second photo), Gerald Landau (fourth photo)





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