Pictures 54 through 57.

On July 14, 1988, car 450 (ex-924) was taken on a test run along the St. Charles line tracks.  On the Riverfront line, it was to be mounted on standard gauge trucks, but on this date, it was still riding on wide-gauge trucks.  Car 29 proudly led the way for the 450 as it rolled along the route.  We see it here, first on the Willow Street track leading from Carrollton Station to Carrollton Ave.; second on Carrollton, just after turning from Willow, heading for Claiborne (moving away from the photographer); third on Carrollton, with the 29 leading (moving toward the photographer); and fourth at Lee Circle as the two cars round the curve from St. Charles Ave. onto the Circle, followed by a regular St. Charles car. Photo by Earl Hampton

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