Pictures 5.5 and 5.6.

Car 453 inside the car barn at Napoleon Yard.  We can see the switches on the front bumper (see Pictures 5 and 5.1 for a better view).  Note that the front trolley pole is missing; it seems to have been replaced by a wire, which may be what is actually powering the car at this time.  Even more significant is the clear sight of the wooden blocks under the front and back ends of the car.  The car wheels appear to be just a few inches above the track or the floor.  (Is there track under there?)  And there is a wire leading from the nearer truck into the floor.  This might be the ground return for the car power; the usual ground return through the trucks and wheels to the track won't work since the wheels are not in contact with a track.  Note how the car has been fitted with folding doors and steps in one of its rebuildings (compare the doors and steps in Picture 1).  These doors are in the style of the doors on the 800-900 class cars, but with narrower panels.  In the lower photo, the woman in the window is named Gracie, but that's all we know about her. D. R. Toye, S. J., Kenner Train Shop (Chris Rodriguez) collection, courtesy of Mike Palmieri (upper)



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