Pictures 5 and 5.1.

Car 453 outfitted as a training car, at Napolean Yard, signed for the City Park line (above) and the Freret line (below).  Note the switches under the front bumper, which the instructor could use to simulate various problems with the car.  The three closest to the camera are marked “R. 3 OPEN”, “R. 2 OPEN”, and “R. 1 OPEN”, with “ON” and “OFF” just below.  The center switch is marked “OPEN MOT. NO. 2”.  The next two are “FLD. MOT. NO. 2” and “GRD. MOT. NO. 2[?]” (probably “FIELD MOTOR” and “GROUND MOTOR”).  There are two more switches, but their labels cannot be read in these pictures.



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