Pictures 17 and 18.

The interior of car 453, under the care of the “motorman”.  In the upper view, Motorman Jim has his right hand on the conductor's stand, his left on the motorman's controller.  Above his right shoulder is the handle of the bell cord used by the conductor to signal the motorman when it is clear to move the car, or when it is necessary to stop the car.  The lower view, featuring Motorman Byron Pulley, gives a good look at the interior of the car.  Note the “squeezed” look typical of the interior upper parts of a Brill semi-convertible; this is caused by the pockets into which the window sash originally lifted.  We can also see that there are two fare registers on the vestibule partition, above the door.  One was used to register cash fares, the other to count “other” kinds of fares, such as transfers.

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