Pictures 53 and 54.

Hurricane Katrina thorougly devastated every aspect of New Orleans life, including of course its streetcar lines.  Almost all of the locally built streetcars for both the Riverfront line and the restored Canal line were soaked in oily water, and had their motors and controls ruined.  The only survivor was car 461, which happened to be at Carrollton Station for painting.  Carrollton was spared the extensive flooding that hit Canal Station, where the Riverfront and Canal cars were stored.  As streetcar service gradually was restored to the city, car 461 emerged from the Carrollton paint shop in a brand new blue livery.  Here is 461, ready to go, at the French Market terminal of the Riverfront line.  The car ran for a while on Riverfront in this form, but when a problem arose with its controls, it was sent back to the station and withheld from service.  It was reported that parts for the CKD (Tatra) trucks and controls were not available, and that they would be replaced.  The car was to be repainted in the red livery before being run again. Photos by Jim Schantz

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