Map 4-1.
The full extent of the system about 1894.  On the west we see the two branches of the main line, one out West Church Street, the other down New Street and Green to Prospect.  To the north is the track connecting to the car barn and power house on Neil at Tremont.  In the center, the larger rectangle represents the two possible routes to the University of Illinois campus, one via Third and John Streets (at this time called the Fair Ground Branch), the other via University Avenue and Wright Street.  Just to the southwest of this rectangle, below John Street between First and Fourth Streets, is the Fair Ground itself.  The bottom of the smaller rectangle is the track on Green and Goodwin.  The long east-west line from Wright Street east, forming the north edge of the smaller rectangle and continuing to Urbana, is the private right-way, leading into Urbana's Main Street, and ending on East Main without crossing the Wabash RR tracks.  A little kink can be seen in the New Street line at Healey, one block north of Green Street.  The intersection there was, and still is, offset, and the kink in the track can still be seen in the pattern of the brick paving at this intersection in 2001. Melissa Chambers (Harris family collection)