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In 2010, the City of Champaign, as part of its improvement plans for the Boneyard Creek drainage system, constructed a landscaped water detention basin along Second Street and Boneyard Creek from Springfield Ave. to University Ave.  This included the Stone Arch Bridge and all the land around it.  These pictures, taken June 29, 2011, show the results.  The bridge is essentially unchanged from its previous rebuilding, but everything around it has been changed, and railings have been added to both sides of the bridge.  The top photo looks southward, the bottom photo to the north.  There is a nearby pumping station which feeds a water cascade that flows under the bridge, as well as another and larger cascade a block further north.  These serve both an aesthetic purpose and a practical one, oxygenating the water of the creek.  Curiously, the direction of water flow under the bridge is now south to north, the opposite of the original direction of the Boneyard Creek, though the creek water itself continues to flow north to south.  The result is a park-like atmosphere that is suitable for recreation when not dealing with the flood problem that formerly plagued this area. Photos by the author



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