Picture 4-4.
An artist's view of West End Park, as published in the Champaign Gazette June 14, 1893.  We are looking to the southwest.  Church Street forms the north border of the park.  Note the streetcar siding from the single track on Church, with two streetcars waiting there.  The park sported a dance hall, baseball diamond, and several other attractions, largest of which was the “switchback railroad” (roller coaster) on the east edge of the park.  In its heyday, the park attracted sufficient patronage to require the use of trailer cars on the streetcar line.  Today, this site is part of the Champaign Park District system, and is called Eisner Park.  None of the structures shown here survives. — Champaign County Historical Society (#255), from Champaign Gazette 6/14/1893