Picture 14A-6.
Urbana and Champaign do not seem to have been superstitious about the number 13, for here is car no. 13.  Cars 13 and 14 were built by Brownell in 1891, and no. 13 went into service in October, the fourth car in the growing electric fleet.  It was more luxurious than its predecessors, featuring electric heating and upholstered seats for the first time in the Twin Cities.  The body was the same length as that of numbers 10 and 11, but 13 and 14 each had one more window.  This 1894 picture probably shows the car's original paint and equipment.  The car was marked for the University, but did not carry the company name at all.  At this time, it was assigned to shuttle service on the New Street line.  It carried a roof board advertising U. of I. Band Concert West End Park Saturday Night April 28, which allows us to date the picture.  The building is the Tremont Street car barn, in its original condition.  Note the little work car no. 5 behind car 13. Champaign County Historical Museum

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