Picture 14A-7.5.
The art work for the sides of cars no. 16 and 17, from the LaClede paint order books.  According to notations on the sheet, the main panel and belt rail were to be painted Paris green, and the “center work” and concave section were to be white.  Ornaments, the broad line, and the lettering on the main panel were to be gold, there was to be no shading or edging on the ornaments, and the letters were to be edged with black.  Numbers were to be “shaded two shades of purple & split with carmine”.  The small lettering to the left of the ornate C says, “Ornament same as on superior”, i. e., same as the panel above.  The upper panel was to have the word Illinois on the right side.  Similar art work can be seen on car no. 13 in Picture 14A-6. — National Museum of Transport collection, courtesy of A. Bradley Martin, Jr.

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