Picture 14A-8.5.
Car no. 27 is spotted outside the Hickory St. car barn.  Cars 25-27 were second hand from Cleveland, Ohio, where they were presumably too small.  They were probably built by Brill or American Car Co.  Notice the similarity to car 31, seen in a 1910 photo below (Picture 14A-13).  The ad on the dash of the car is for an attraction at the Illinois Theater in Urbana on Friday December 30.  December 30 was a Friday in 1910 and next in 1921.  The picture was probably one of a series taken just before the cars were modifed for Pay As You Enter (PAYE) operation in 1910.  These changes included new sliding doors at the right front, replacing the windowed solid panel seen here. Illinois Power Co. Archives, courtesy of Dale Jenkins

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