Pictures 14A-9 and 14A-10.
Car no. 28 was an 8-bench, no-aisle open car, perhaps dating from the late 1890s.  Note how there are no passenger seats on the motorman's platform.  The company was reported to have begun installing fare registers on the cars in September 1891, but this conductor is wearing a bell punch.  The "MAIL" sign on the dash announces the fact that, beginning August 5, 1891, sacks of mail were carried on the regular cars between Champaign and Urbana.  Although the company name did not appear on the cars, the letterboard was marked “Urbana University Champaign,” which was the standard for many years. — Champaign County Historical Society, from Urbana Courier archives (Picture 14A-9 from #234 lower, Picture 14A-10 from #235 upper)

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