Pictures 14A-15 and 14A-16.
Cars no. 39-41 were built by American Car Co. in late 1904 on order #575.  Car 41 is seen here in its builder's photos, as publicized in Electric Railway Journal.  The three cars were all in service in Champaign-Urbana by the end of February 1905.  The upper picture shows car no. 41 on its original Brill 21-E trucks.  The lower picture shows the off-center bulkhead door.  This was the patented Brownell Semi-Accelerator arrangement, designed to speed loading and unloading of passengers in this pre-Pay As You Enter car.  (That means that after a passenger boarded the car, the conductor was responsible for going to him or her and collecting the fare.)  The interior was finished in cherry, with a birch ceiling tinted light green.  Note the longitudinal seating, which was typical of streetcars until a few years later. Street Railway Journal, 1905, v. 25, p. 449.

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