Picture 14A-33.
Tower wagon no. 2 is seen at the Tremont Street car barn in this eastward-looking view, probably in the 1890s.  The wagon is adorned with the company name, U. & C. Electric St. Ry. Co.  Note the bravado of the lineman on top of the tower, leaning on the live 600 volt trolley wire!  He knows it's safe because he's not grounded, but how many of his friends and relatives understand that?  The original barn has been extended to the south.  Car no. 21, one of the open trailers (possibly a former horsecar), is in the door of the extension.  Car no. 10 is standing in the yard to the right, probably in its original configuration.  Tremont Street, in the foreground, was theoretically a public street, but was obviously used by few vehicles other than those of the street railway. Champaign County Historical Society, from Urbana Courier archives

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