Picture 14D-6.
The test car is eastbound at the Ogden station stop on the Illinois Terminal interurban in 1937.  Illinois route 49 is behind the car.  The Peoria & Eastern RR and U. S. route 150 are to our right, parallel to the interurban tracks.  There was a wye at Ogden, originally built to connect the main line to the branch line to Homer.  After abandonment of the line to Homer in 1928, the wye was retained, along with 2.7 miles of track for freight service to the State Line Elevator.  The switch connecting to the branch line is out of the picture, ahead of the car.  Several people can be made out inside the car, in addition to the obvious individual framed by the open window.  It seems likely that this was a class taking a field trip on the car.  The motorman was probably a student or a professor.  (It is not known whether the Illinois Terminal provided a pilot on such occasions.)

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