Pictures 15-8, 15-9, and 15-10.
These three pictures all depict the same car barn.  It is thought that they show the Tremont Street barn (or shop) after its 1905 or 1906 remodelling, but this is not certain.  If this is the Tremont Street barn, it appears that the “annex” has been removed.  The two top pictures are not dated; the bottom picture dates from June 1921.  In the top picture, track no. 4 is being installed or replaced.  Car no. 33, at the left, and no. 42, in the center, are both American or Brill Car Co. products, built just a few years apart (about 1902 and about 1906, respectively).  No. 33 is signed for the Neil Street line, which provided local service on the ITS interurban tracks from the city limits on W. John Street to the Wabash tracks on N. Neil.  No. 42 is signed for the New & John branches of the main line, meaning that its western terminus was at Green and Prospect on the New Street route, and that it used E. John to get to the University campus before going to downtown Urbana.  The cab-on-flat work motor at the far right was probably no. 207, which was built in the company shops about 1902. — Don T. Thrall photo, William C. Janssen collection (same as Picture 14A-35) In the middle picture, cars of three generations pose with some of the men who worked on them.  Car no. 47, at the left, dates from 1909; no. 33, center, dates from about 1902; and tower car no. 1, right, from the 1890s.  No. 1 sports archaic add-on vestibule windows and a roof-mounted headlight.  No. 33 has a roof-mounted route sign, while no. 47 has its route sign in a vestibule window.  Notice also how no. 47 has a larger, wider body and clerestory roof.  The men marked X are, left to right: John Key, Ora Patterson, Walter Hall, and Charley Bartley. (Same as Picture 14A-34) In the bottom picture, dated June 1921, owl car no. 701 is sunning away the day.  Part of an ITS class A steeple cab locomotive, probably no. 1551, can be seen to the far right.  Note also the addition built onto this car barn, seen at the right side of the picture. — Illinois Power Co. Archives

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