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An extensive file of blueprints and specifications of this building has survived the many remodelings and the recent changes of ownership.  This author is most grateful to the current owner, Paul Kane, and to his predecessor for their preservation, and to Mr. Kane for the opportunity to inspect and copy these documents.  Most of the blueprints are too fragile to scan or copy, but several exist in more robust copies and are reproduced here.  The top plan shows the first floor in 1926, the middle view is of the same floor in 1938 (after the ITS had abandoned the building as a depot), and the bottom plan is of the basement in 1938.  The building is set on an angle to north, parallel to Walnut and Market Streets; the 1938 views include an arrow pointing north.  The ITS waiting room was in the northwest quarter of the first floor, with doors to the platform for local cars on the west side of the building (top of the diagram).  The freight section was in the area to the left in these plans (south), with the boiler room in the basement below; this part of the building is only one story high.  (The two rectangles in the boiler room with an X across them represent the actual boilers for heating the building.)  After removal of the depot, the waiting room became Division Accounting, with a new counter built at the north end of the room.  The freight area became Non-Divisional Accounting.  The earliest blueprints show nothing much besides the boiler room in the basement, but eventually a room on the east side of the basement was designated as a carmen's room.  The 1938 plan shows this room as a Billing Room.  Unfortunately, no plans of the second or third floor are suitable for scanning.  It may be of interest to note that the office on the northwest corner of the second floor was designated for W. B. McKinley in the original blueprints, dated 4/28/13; this office was the only one to have a private restroom within.  A curious feature of the building is that each floor, including even the basement, has a vault located at the southeast corner (north of the freight area on the first floor), with all the vaults one above the other. Compliments of Paul Kane

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