Street Railway Cars:
Trucks and Roofs

Notes by
E. Harper Charlton

With Introduction by
H. George Friedman, Jr.

Copyright 2011
Louis C. Hennick and
H. George Friedman, Jr.

E. Harper Charlton was an experienced observer of the street railway scene when he set pen to paper to record his observations.  Before his death, he entrusted some of his original notes to his co-author Louis C. Hennick.  They had produced together in 1965 an update of Charlton's earlier work, Street Railways of New Orleans, published in 1955 as Interurbans Special No. 17.  These notes remained in Hennick's preservation after Charlton's death.

Charlton's notes seem to us to be important to share with the railfan community.  He catalogued roof styles found in railway cars around the world: not only the well known deck, railroad, and arch roofs, but all the variations known to his prodigious memory and his thorough research.  Similar remarks could be made about his knowledge of the trucks used under street railway cars.

So here are those notes, scanned directly from copies in Hennick's care, without comment by us or anyone else.  We hope that they will be of interest and utility to those who share with us Charlton's interest in street railway cars.

Louis C. Hennick
H. George Friedman, Jr.
April, 2011

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