Pictures 3-2, 3-3, and 3-4.

The top photo shows the two-man crew of car 9 on the Junction line; the motorman is holding one of the car's control handles, his badge of office as it were.  There is a socket on the front dash for a headlight, which would have been installed only at night when it was needed.  We can also see a coupler, used for towing a trailer or for pulling a disabled car back to the car barn.  The second photo shows car 10 at Soldiers home, signed for the North Vermilion line.  The motorman is on the left, the conductor on the right, the latter identifiable by the coin changer at his belt.  The third picture is of car 11, probably at the car barn.  This photo has been annotated 1905 American - Dec. 1910.  The second date, December 1910, appears to be the date of the photo; 1905 appears to be the date the car was built by American Car Co. of St. Louis.  This photo may have been taken immediately before the car was converted to the Pay As You Enter (P.A.Y.E.) system, which entailed installation of right front doors on both vestibules of the cars.  Cars 9-11 were built for the Danville, Paxton & Northern, one of the component companies of the Illinois Traction System, originally as numbers 50-52.  They were renumbered 9-11 when transferred to the Danville city lines. Paul Stringham (car 11)




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