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Car 16 is signed Public Square.  It is not clear whether the single crewman seen is operating the car alone (which seems unlikely, given its lack of a right front door), or whether he is the motorman or the conductor, or where his partner is at the moment.  The two-man crew of car 19 pose with their car, which sports a sign bar across the first window forward of the rear vestibule, stating the route as “N. Ver. St. & Soldiers Home”.  Car 25 shows a similar pose by the motorman (at left) and conductor, and a similar route sign marked “Junction & Public Square”.  The photos of car 21 and 24 show us only a single crewman; the whereabouts of their partners, if they had one, are unknown.  In the photo of car 24, we see a new kind of route sign, with a large single letter: Route P was the Douglas Park line.






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