Pictures 6-1, 6-2, 6-3, and 6-4.

Three of the second-hand St. Louis 12-bench open cars, 102, 104, and 110.  Each of these three is slightly different.  Car 102 runs on a single four-wheel truck, while the other two run on double trucks, i.e., they each have a pair of four-wheel trucks.  Cars 102 and 104 are actually 12-bench cars, if one counts the bench on each platform, while 110 has much smaller platforms with no benches, so has merely 10 benches.  Since all three were built in one batch for St. Louis Transit Co., it is unclear why the platforms are not all the same.  One can clearly see the absence of an aisle for moving between seats on these cars.  The top picture, from a picture postcard, was taken at the Soldiers Home shelter stop.





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