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The top photo shows car 134 in interurban service on the ITS Ogden-Homer branch line, at the unique Homer station.  The second picture shows a car, probably 134, crossing the Salt Fork bridge at Homer Park on its way between Ogden and Homer.  Homer Park, about halfway along the Ogden-Homer line, was an important generator of recreational traffic for the ITS.  The third and fourth pictures show the car later, in Danville city service.  Note the route signs.  In interurban service to Homer, it needed no route sign.  In the third photo, on Vermilion Street just north of Main, we see it with a typical roof-mounted roll sign; unfortunately, it is placed between two names, and we cannot read it.  Note the number of streetcars in this picture: there are at least five in the space of two or three blocks.  In the bottom photo, at the Soldiers Home terminal loop, it has acquired a large letter sign, here an H for the Soldiers Home line. Champaign County Historical Society Collection (second photo)

Cars 134 and 135 were built by the Stephenson Car Co. in 1902, about two years before the Stephenson Co. was acquired by the Brill Co.  Pressed into interurban service for the infant Illinois Traction System, these two cars probably ran as far west as Urbana and Champaign before being assigned to branch line service and, eventually, to the Danville city lines.

Car 135 was destroyed in the paint shop fire of December 1918.  134 went to Peoria in 1928.





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