Pictures 7-12 and 7-13.

Cars 136 and 137 were obtained in 1903 from the American Car Co. of St. Louis.  They were true interurban cars, rather than long city cars; note the railroad roof and the baggage compartment.  These two cars were 12 feet longer than 134 and 135.  They were initially assigned to the Limited runs between Danville and Champaign.  The top picture shows 136 at the station stop in St. Joseph, Illinois.  The second picture shows the new 137 in 1904 or 1905 awaiting departure in Danville.  Note “The Limited” sign across the first side window of the car, similar to the route signs used on the city lines at that time (see car 19 in Picture 4-5 and car 25 in Picture 4-6). — C. E. Armstrong, R. E. Bowser, & M. L. Carr, Interurban Car Tests on the Illinois Traction System, University of Illinois thesis, 1905 (car 137)



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