Pictures 7-29, 7-30, 7-31, and 7-32.

In March 1918, Danville acquired four 10-window double truck cars, numbers 160-163, from St. Louis Car Co., job number 1154.  The top photo of this group appears to be the builder's photo of car 163 on a flat car ready for shipment to Danville.  The next picture shows car 160.  The other two photos feature car 162 on the E. Fairchild line.  Note the dash sign “Pay After Entering”.  There are signboards on the ends of the cars and in the center of the side windows proclaiming that they connect to the “Depots / C&EI Big 4”.  The bottom view appears to be at the car barn.

Buckley reports that as of May 31, 1928, the only double truck cars in Danville city service were 160-163 and the three 600s.

In 1933, car 161 was destroyed.  Subsequently, 163 was renumbered 161.





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