Pictures 14-13, 14-14, and 14-15.

Looking to the east, we jump to the 1920s for the top picture of this set.  A 160-series car is approaching the curve that will take it from E. Main Street into N. Vermilion Street.  We see part of the courthouse at the left.  The middle picture is looking in the opposite direction as an eastbound streetcar begins its run along E. Main Street from the Square.  A blurred streetcar can be seen behind it just clearing (or just entering) the intersection.  The bottom picture, from a card postmarked 1911, is taken from about two blocks east of the Square, looking back to the west.  Note the Stern sign atop a building at the right, which is located at the northwest corner of the Square.  Another landmark is the building with a conical roof, on the other side of the street, visible in the top and bottom pictures. Woodbury Book Co. (top), C. U. Williams Photoette (bottom)




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