Pictures 14.5-10 and 14.5-11

IT locomotives also plied the rails in downtown Danville, both with and without trains of freight cars.  Here are two locomotives by themselves.  Imagine driving your car and sharing the street with one of these behemoths!

The top picture features class B loco 1573 on S. Vermilion St., December 1, 1951.  According to the notes of the original photographer, who is unknown to us, the loco is slowly backing up toward the IT depot meaning that the motorman is operating away from the photographer, with the front pole up not the usual procedure!  (Why didn't he just switch poles?  It would have been safer, and he could have run faster.)  The lower photo shows class C locomotive 1583 on W. Main St., probably around 1950, judging by the automobiles in the picture.  Notice the well-maintained brick street. collection of the author



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